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  1. Ah thanks for the dx was not awear that they were connected
  2. Guests go away or join the group
  3. Hi All Need some help just had a Final Demand form Lewis Debt Recovery re Welscum Finance have had on going trouble with welsum re PPI and other problems with the CCA. stuck now don't know what to do Just called Lewis and they have put it on hold for 14 days seriously considering going bankrupt this is just getting to me cant seem to get out the hole.
  4. The PPI and the Insurance have been charge as the total amount of the loan and the audit I have had on the CCA they have said if i can prove that the PPI and the insurance were part of the loan then I can claim that the loan has been missold thats why im asjing the question Many thanks
  5. Hi All Looking for some advice on this,Welcome in formed me when I was taking the loan out with them that i would need to take the PPI and the Insurance before I would be able top btain the loan how do you prove this. Many Thanks John
  6. Sorry to jump in on this Im glad someone else has mad the point on fos they are just micky mouse they have know real teeth to challange ****,I had ppi clain through fos and the **** have been allowed to delay on this and when you complain to fos they dont care again sorry to jump in I would try the FSA they are the regulator after all.
  7. could somebody please help with this post said i need a letter but dont know whta letter if your out there post could you have a look please wpould be grately appreciated. John
  8. Bump for post any chance of that letter i know your a busy man Thanks
  9. The figures are wrong for 1 the PPI and the Insurance are charge to the loan amount and should be charge to the total credit charge.Post had a look and was going to do a letter for me but he must be busy now
  10. Need help this is getting me down Knowing something is wrong with the agreement but not knowing what to do,the legal route costs a fortune and they wont do it in stage payments mores the pity.
  11. Hello guest Message for post can I put this account in dispute,re is that the letter you are doing. Thanks
  12. she forgot to say we have ripped off enough people now it's time to call it a day and run before we really get caught with all our dodgy agreements.
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