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  1. We walked into our local Kidderminster Staples to buy some printer labels. We saw them advertised on the website for £11.99. We were surprised therefore that they were £17.99 in the store. When we queried the price, the assistant told us that they would price match any website price. Sure enough they offered us the same price, buy stated that they needed to charge delivery for the same amount as the website, which would be £3.48, making the product a total of £15.47. We were in the store with the box of labels in our hands, ready to buy and they were charging us for delivery? To make ma
  2. I have also reported all this to Samknows, who are taking this up directly with Ofcom.
  3. Hello! In my research to try and reduce my Broadband costs, I researched Sky Broadband for existing Sky TV customers. The offer almost seems to good to be true and it is. I wanted their unlimited Broadband offer, which us £7.50 per month, but for that you also need to buy Sky Talk and Line rental. It very clearly says on their website that the offer for both is £12.25 per month, a real bargain. When you add this to your basket on line, all appears correct it totals to £12.25 and you also get 3 months Broadband free! Fantastic I thought. It cleverly shows you your new monthl
  4. Hello I have written a long blogpost, but I can't post it yet, because I have not made enough posts on here as yet. In it I report on my direct experience with Plusnet, where once I said I was leaving them, were able to reduce my price instantly. They were able to do this because my exchange had changed to 'Market 2'! When challenged they said that they decided to reduce prices back in July 2011 and offer this to new customers, but existing customers would get the discount as and when they contacted them. Mmmmm interesting, so if I had not contacted them, they would have kept
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