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  1. Thank you Cerberusalert, Is there a link to a letter that so i can reply to Lloyds and Wescot that will detail what you have said even though they have reminded me that their response is final. Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/jklloydsresponseapril2010 j - Uploaded by SanMartino Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/6rlloydsresponseapril2010 j - Uploaded by SanMartino Thank You for yout imput San Martino
  2. Can anyone tackle the problem of explaining this, if asked to defend: Lloyds Tsb Quote: '' Despite claiming to give the bank notice that this account is in dispute you have given no valid reason to dispute it. If I may draw your attention to the statements that we have sent you each month, they are actually a validation of the debt.These statements show actual transactional information together with payments you have made to the account.'' Thanks San Martino
  3. ''Just to get this clear in my own head, you CCA'd Lloyds, they failed to supply the docs, you sent the account in dispute (recorded delivery?) They then farmed it out to westsnot? Who are now the owners of the lemon?'' The answer to your question is Yes, Yes and Yes. I have kept all recorded delivery reciepts, I will now send the bemused letter off to Wescot, a passage about the £500,00 fine will be included. I will also write to the the Information Commissioner`s Office about the data breach, i will keep you informed of any correspondebce. Last time I checked my
  4. I actually sent a letter to Wescot as well,(attatchment). I am waiting on a response. Let me ask you this, if Lloyds are unwilling to admit that they have no record of a signed agreement at all, should'nt the Debt Collector realise this after my repeated correspondence and stop asking me for payment? Also, what bearing if at all does the Carey ruling have if I were taken to court, as I have not recieved a true copy of a signed agreement, but a reconstituted one. Thanks. Letter to Wescot March for CAG.doc
  5. This relates to a Texaco credit card account that was opened in 2003, then the account was taken over by Lloyds TSB in 2005, I think. Anyhow, after reading and implementing advice on this site, I requested a copy of the credit agreement in March 2009. when I did not recieve a response within 12+2 days I sent the 'account in dispute' letter. I then sent a Subject Access Request and recieved their package in July 2009. I was sent a 20 page reconstituted agreement with all the terms and condtions that you would expect, but it was not dated, no signature from them or me, no mention of Texaco
  6. Hello Bones & car2403 I came across this post post, and was wondering if there were any development regarding your A&L situation as I have a similar agreement with them, if you want to look at my post heres the link. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester/190942-alliance-leicester-loan-agreement.html#post2061415 My agreement was signed and dated prior to me signing it and sending it back to A&L. car2403, I was wondering if your paragraph below relates in any way to my own agreement. This bit is interesting; (page 2) "This offer i
  7. Hello Vint Yes I have sent the account in dispute letter. I received this final response from Halifax. http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/San_Martino/Halifax/HalifaxLetterApril28a.jpg
  8. Could you explain what this actually means? Thanks
  9. Hi Bbabydoll Sorry this is late getting back to you. I've been waiting for my SAR to see what it brings. I was just thinking in response to your post that it would be very easy to copy a set of terms and conditions on the reverse of an original application/agreement with a xerox machine, so how would anyone know whether it was linked at all with no of reference made of it. Surely the onus is on the OC to make sure all the prescribed terms are within the '' four corners of the agreement ''. Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. Hi I am still waiting for my SAR. Was wondering if any one had any further thoughts on this. Thanks
  11. Hi I just came across your post. Would be interested in knowing the outcome of your situation. I am in the same position as I was never given the right to cancel within my loan agreement which was taken out in 2006. Thanks
  12. Hello I have just stumbled across your post, I had a similar query about a loan and asked Trading Standards to clarify my position. I had a loan agreement with all the prescribed terms but no specific cancellation clause/cooling off period. Have a look, hope it helps. http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/San_Martino/Alliance%20and%20Leicester/Alliance1.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/San_Martino/Alliance%20and%20Leicester/Alliance2.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/San_Martino/Alliance%20and%20Leicester/ALTStandards.jpg
  13. Hello Harrassed Senior, In my original cca letter I did ask for a true copy of my agreement. I do have to agree with you about the way these matters are handled. Either they have the correct true copy or not. Thanks for yout interest SM
  14. Thank you for responding Shadow, I have just taken a good look at what was sent to me. The terms are indeed 'copied'on the back of the agreement page, However it does look like it's out of place as far as the font size is concerned. Am I to surmise that they have just copied a set of terms and conditions on the back of the page? Should I send a subject access request or go the CPR route to see what they really Have? Also, if what they have sent me does not corespond to the actual documents they have, have they shot themselves in the foot. Thanks again, SM
  15. Lilly white What Blair Oliver & Scott sent was a copy of a front and back page of the Halifax 'agreement' , without any prescribed terms relating to the product. Hope this helps Thanks
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