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  1. I moved in last september and moved out a year later, I've checked around and cannot find anything which states that the deposit protection scheme applies to Northern Ireland, can anyone confirm whther this is the case or not. Also, I'm not sure if it was an assured shorthold tenancy
  2. Hi, Just after a bit of advice, I left my property(flat in Belfast) almost 7 weeks ago and was told by my estate agents that the property was in a clean and tidy state and that my deposit would be returned in a matter of days. Since then I've been fighting a running battle to get it back as it turns out that the owner of the flat took the deposiit from the estate agents in the middle of the lease and it took almost four weeks for the estate agent to get in contact with the owner. After another few weeks of phone calls the owner of teh flat decided that he wanted to view it to make sure it
  3. Sorry, should also point out that I'm in Northern Ireland(belfast) as from what I can see a lot of the legislation seems to only apply to england
  4. Hi, Moved out of my flat at the end of September due to contract having expired, Estate agent was round and viewed the flat and agreed that everything was in good condition and that I would get my full deposit back as soon as the landlord told them it was okay to release the funds(£450). After no contact from them for a week I rang the estate agent and was told that they had released the deposit to the owner of the property at some point during my tenancy and that they were trying to get in contact with him to get the money back from him to give to me. They then said to leave it with then and
  5. cheers for the advice guys, was speaking to someone in the citizens advice bureau this morning and they reckon that if I get my mate to send any new letters back stating i don't live at the house anymore the DCA might initiate a new address search, they reckon to just ignore any new post and if anything that looks like a legal document gets sent take it down to them, shoudl I follow this advice or teh advice given on here
  6. after a bit of advice, got sent a debt collection letter from merit finance about a year ago regarding a debt for £410, after a number of angry phone calls where they refused to tell me who the debt was owed to finally found out that it was to yorkshire bank but they wouldn't give any more details than that. I ran up a few silly debts when i was in my early twenties(34 now) but thought i had repayed them all but if the debt is actually mine it's definately over 10 years old, secondly i've lived in northern ireland all my life and never had an account or anything else with that bank or even be
  7. I was recently on a stag do and we booked an adventure day out for the saturday using my card and another guys card to split the deposit. Upon paying the deposit neither of us recived any receipts or anything stating terms and conditions of the booking(they actually sent it to a misspelt email address, which I just tried and received a email undeliverable email backfrom system admin). Unfortunately we had to cancel the booking on the saturday and were fully expecting to lose the deposit but they have now tried to charge my card for the outstanding balnace even tho neither of us were told that
  8. cheers mate, should i give them my address or tell them to continue to post it to my old address and I'll tell the guy who lives there to keep an eye out for any letters.
  9. Hi, By pure chance I happened to meet a guy whose house i lived in over three years ago who told me their was some post for me. When I hgot the post it was two letters, one from a CCS collect and one from Charles Howard and partners saying that I owed over 400 quid to a Merit YB. I rang and asked for more details and was told that they would post it out. I hadn't received any word back from them so rang today to see what was going on and was informed that the money was owed to the Yorkshire/Clydesdale bank for either a loan , overdraft or credit card and woould not give any more details. I hav
  10. should have said at the bottom of the letter it says do not simply write in as our time limits are very strict. Also, should add that the job I have I have strated a few mmonths ago I went through a very strict credit check which I passed and don't want to **** my credit rating up again.
  11. Was wondering if anyone here might be able to help. Just today got given a letter containing a legal notification from a friend whose flat I linved in nearly 4 years ago from Charles Howard & Partners stating that they've been instructed to prepare to begin legal proceedings for reclaim £410 by CCSCOLLECT. It says I should repay all the money by 9th March or further action will ensue. Has anyone had any dealings with either of these companies and is it advisable to just ignore the letter. I used to have a pretty bad credit rating but have worked quite hard to get it back to a decent level.
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