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  1. You're welcome. Congratulations.
  2. Aye. There'll be a chap called Teaboy along in a bit who'll tell ya that they're in breach of contract and ya can sue em for every penny they've got. Ignore him.
  3. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that it doesn't appear at all like your OH has done anything so serious as to warrant his dismissal. And, having 2.5 years service, he has statutory employment rights. It may not be that he'll be dismissed, and properly prepared he's got a good chance at least of putting such doubt in their minds that they'll back off. Then, in good time, he can find something else. Does he have a copy of the company's disciplinary & grievance procedure? He needs to scrutinise that and find as many failures in their procedure as possible. If the employer doesn't have such a procedure, or has failed to provide him with it, refer to this http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=2174 The investigation argument really depends on the facts of the situation. In some circumstances, the facts of the accusation are such that it's not really necessary to hold an investigation, and the employer can proceed straight to the disciplinary procedure. Well prepared, he should be able to contest this. They might dismiss, but I think then he'd have a clear case in the ET. Obviously, I don't know the ins and outs of this situation or of the care industry, but it simply doesn't seem that he's guilty of GM. I'd strongly advise against trying to come to some agreement with them where he resigns in exchange for a reference. That could backfire.
  4. I'd write and say that you are no longer in the probationary period, you weren't informed that it was being extended, so they can't legitimately hold a probation review. If they have issues with your conduct, performance or capability they should instigate their disciplinary procedure. Don't attend a meeting without clear prior notification as to what exactly the meeting is about, or they will ambush you with accusations and you won't be prepared to defend yourself. And if ya get an opportunity to kill one of the HR monkeys, take it.
  5. Right. He should be allowed to be accompanied by either a colleague or a TU Representative. They are allowed to speak, if it is to address the hearing regarding the matter or to advise the colleague/union member. What the rep can't do is answer questions on his behalf. If they're accusing him of offence(s) that could amount to GM, then they should warn him of that in their letter inviting him to the DH. Arguably, someone who is facing an accusation of GM should be suspended. If he were to be allowed to continue working, it could undermine their argument that the misconduct amounted to GM. I wouldn't write to them about their lack of investigation-it might prompt them to make one! This is something that can be used a tool at the DH.
  6. Paragraphs. still. I'm not that drunk, and yet I can't follow. You need to calm down.
  7. Mine is. Sowerby Bridge. Replete with disproportionately expensive 241 offers that seem so good at the time, yet 4 days later your entire kitchen is a compost heap. Dear old Shirley Porter. How soon we forget.
  8. It's Easter Sunday tomorrow. Such a special time. Thank God (comma) Tesco's open.
  9. Right. If he resigns whilst under investigation for a disciplinary matter, his employer can refer to that fact. The TU Rep is wrong. And, if his employer refers to him having resigned whilst under investigation, many potential employers will see that as a strong indication that he was guilty. He needs to face the accusation, if he's being wrongly accused. He needs to get onto his union and tell them to buck their ideas up too. Most of them are bed-wetting gimps who live with their mothers. Set out the full situation, and we'll have a look. Use Paragraphs. That way we can read what you have to say Easily. No more mono-block posts Please.
  10. For using a hand fan? Do you think the employer would dismiss a woman doing the same thing? In fact, that's a point. How are women employees required to dress? We might have a case of there being indirect sex discrimination here.................
  11. I'd suggest you procure one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SPANISH-PINK-ORGANZA-LACE-HAND-FAN-DANCE-WEDDING-PARTY_W0QQitemZ190518608888QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=226997616737&rvr_id=226997616737&cguid=48fcd28b12f0a0a9f4b3fef3fe78e0f2 and on a warm day stand with one hand on your hip fanning yourself furiously, whilst pouting, petulantly. You may well be soon told that it's acceptable to remove your jacket.
  12. I stand corrected. They do indeed 'hold office', they're not employees. I just presumed there were slightly different rules regarding WTR breaks etc, and that was it. BUT. The rozzers do have unlawful discrimination protection, same as everyone else. (That's their employer unlawfully discriminating against them, not police officers discriminating against the public:lol:) So, if it's a maternity matter (potential unlawful sex discrimination), you should be covered. Don't the police have a union? Or is that an uncomfortably left-wing concept?
  13. http://www.yourrights.org.uk/yourrights/rights-of-workers/who-is-protected-by-employment-law.html This it?
  14. Got the link? Maternity issues aren't my area unfortunately.
  15. EH????????????? There are certain exemptions for members of the emergency services, parts of the Working Time Regs etc., but the large majority of Employment law applies to plods just the same as anyone else. ACAS are a big a waste of space.
  16. Right, much clearer. Sadly, my knowledge of redundancy is pretty much zero. Not something I've gone through, thankfully. Hopefully someone will be along. People often come on here in the wee hours.
  17. They're like elves, scurrying around behing the scenes. Selflessly putting things right.
  18. Oh eck. Don't know why that's happening. Mods! Mods? Stop watching star trek and help this woman separate her script.
  19. Can I suggest that you space your OP out into clear paragraphs? When many people (me) see a huge block of text they don't bother, as it's very tiring to read. Many of us drink quite heavily you see. If we were normal we'd be out in the Easter sunshine, visiting a Victorian folly or a Roman fort.
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