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  1. I sent the initial letter back in February and received a reply back from them saying they would reply by 23rd March. I haven't had a reply on this one - do I send a second letter or do something else? I have had letters back from RBS/Egg credit card & loan saying they have looked into the matter and get lost. Any advice please??? What is the FOS that people are contacting and how do I do that??
  2. Thanks for your reply. I stated in all my letters that we felt we were mis sold but had used a template letter and it showed the reason being they had been fined due to mis selling. At the time of taking out we had other insurances which would have covered our monthly outgoings but can't find any of the docs now (had huge clearout and can't find stuff ) Would they stick to their guns saying we did it on internet etc and therefore should have read all terms and conditions. Can I pick your brains? What is my best way to go for the comments in this second letter? Thanks for your help. Chr
  3. I have sent the first letters to Mint, Egg credit card and loan, MBNA (Virgin) and GE money. Mint and MBNA have acknowledged letter saying they will reply when they have looked into it. Egg loan have said the following " After carrying out a full review of your account, our records show that you purchased the insurance through Egg website on 29 mar 05. We do not provide an advisory service, as part of our online application, you were asked to read the terms and conditions governing this policy & you were required to specifically confirm that you agreed to them. In addition a paper co
  4. Good afternoon, I am new on here but would appreciate some advice please. I have sent claim letters to Egg credit card and Egg loan, Mint, Virgin and GE Money. Egg have sent a letter back saying they went through the details on the phone and their forms can't be altered by their staff. Would this be their final word or do I send a second letter saying we believed we were mis-sold. Don't know if this is stalling tactics to see if we will carry on but then don't want to make a fool of myself by carrying on if it would not be useful. Thanks for reading this.
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