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  1. Hi, Sorry I have just noticed your reply. Have you replied to their offer yet? If you want me to write you a letter and attach to the thread let me know Designhotty
  2. Hi Zoommjpzoom, Yes you are correct, HFC bought over Beneficial Bank, this is who I had my original loan agreement with so take the contact details from my letters to enable you to speed up your refund process. Kind Regards Designhotty
  3. Hi Zoommjpzoom, Yes I rejected my first offer of £1500.00 and received my second offer approx 7 days later of £3,381.36 Please feel free to look at my documents related to this. To be honest I would not have persued this if it wasn't for Scooby_Doo2. The guy is a legend and I simply went with his guidelines. Please feel free to drop me a line if you need any help. P.S I got the refund paid direct into my bank account Designhotty;)
  4. Hi, Please have a look at my posts on HFC, I have attached the letters I sent them which may be of some use. Their Central Complaints Department is where you want to be heading for, please find contact details below: Annette Mulligan TITLE:Team Manager-Central Complaints TEL;WORK;VOICE:+44.01212334477 ADR;WORK:;;Birmingham Business Centre Camden House West The Parade;Birmingham;;B1 3PY;United Kingdom EMAIL;PREF;INTERNET:annette.mulligan@hfcbank.co.uk
  5. COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT EMAIL ADDRESS: - customerservices@hfcbank.co.uk
  6. Took the bull by the horns and rejected HFC 's offer? Please let me know what you think, am I on the right tracks REJECT OFFER HFC PPI.pdf
  7. Hi Ya, If you get a chance could you possibly have a look at my original agreement to see if they have made me a valid offer? Thank You so much
  8. Hi, Just thought I'd let you all know I have finally Eeeek!! managed to attach all documentation relating to this query. Big "Thanks" to everyone who has sent a post
  9. Hi Scooby, I had previously attached documentation but me being "blonde" had left some of my details Eeeek, so I will attempt this again. Thank You to everyone for their continuous imput reclaim hfc ppi.pdf original agreement.pdf hfc front letter.pdf page 2.pdf offer.pdf
  10. Thank You So Much . . . Your help is very much appreciated. I didn't expect to receive a reply with an offer after just 5 days and I must say so near to xmas it's very tempting, Just wish I could work out if it is a reasonable offer
  11. I had taken out an unsecure personal loan in September 2005 for £10,000 eeek!! over 5 years and I realised I was sold PPI, Critical Illness Cover, Accidental Cover, and Joint life Cover (PPI). They must have seen me coming as I didn't even know I had it and when checking it says I am being charged 25.9% interest per annum. Anyway after STALKING poor Scooby_Doo2 for the past 8 months for advise, I took the bull by the horns and contacted them complaining of being missold everything to the kitchen sink. To my amazement I received a reply after 5 days offering me a payment of goodwill of £
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