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  1. It's been a while but I have a couple of questions that I hope you can all help with... First, can a DCA be registered as creditor on my credit file for a debt that was in default from the original creditor (CC)? Is it an assignment thing i.e. if the debt is assigned to them, they are now my official creditor (it's Cabot Financial)? Second. if I approach a CC company that I defaulted with to pay them in instalments, will they be able to add an interest to the outstanding balance from the date of the default? Third, can a DCA 'create' a credit agreement on my behalf that covers a
  2. That's great news Reno - gives us all hope. Unfortunatley this is not with YCC, it's a company called Private & Commerical Finance. I have no assets of my own and no money/savings, but having read these threads I don't want them hassling my parents or partner. I am going to CCA them now and if they send anything I will make them an offer but that's it.
  3. I have just received a letter from GD about a car loan that needs to be repaid, the letter threatens bankrutpcy, attachment of earnings etc. and poor credit in future (LOL). I am about to write back with a CCA request for the original agreement, but...I dug in folder and found a letter they sent me in 3 August 2009 with an Annual Statement - Fixed Sum Agreement : Consumer Credit Act 1974 with an opening balance on Oct 01 2008 of £5000 against a loan agreement of around £2700 over 36 months (fixed sum interest agreement)! On their own letter head. Re-reading it now, I realise they have created
  4. Hooray, I am in the club - I got my Cabot, followed by SQN, followed by Equidebt (x2) and now my CAS letter. Ignored all as the debt does not show up on my credit file. Interestingly I only last year moved in with my girlfriend and signed onto the electoral register. Hmmm? I might just CCA them out of interest...worth a laugh I guess.
  5. Thanks Davediggler, Thanks for the reassurance, my girlfriend is paranoid that random people will turn up at her door looking to break certain parts of my body. One of the DCAs is Cabot and having read some the posts about them I can't help feeling that contacting them would unleash the forces of hell (to coin a certain eminent chancellor) on myself and my partner. And actually this seems to have been passed onto a DCA called Equidebt/SQN now - not sure why this is the case though. If I do a CCA requests now, and clear the debt before the statute barring date (6 years from the d
  6. Hi, Need some friendly advice as I am fed up getting random DCA letters and threats. I got my credit file from Experian and Equifax etc. and barring a few errors on addresses I have about three defaults of about: 1 = £1150 (2007) 2 = £400 (2007) 3 = £45 (2006) There are several others that show a £0 balance but are still there. I get letters from DCAs claiming debts that are not on my credit file so I don't know where I stand with those. I could get a CCA request but don't want to get into a drawn out fight as I can't let it affect my girlfriend's credit rating as I li
  7. A week later I had a letter from Equidebt demanding immediate payment of an outstanding debt from Cabot Financial, followed a week later by another saying they have set up a payment plan for the next 20 months. Are Sina Qua Non and Equidebt part of Cabot then?
  8. I was going to ask them to close the account but can't get another account with anyone else so gonna have to lump it I guess. From my partners experience with Lloyds TSB and my parents with HBoS frankly rock, hard place and big stick up the arse comes to place.
  9. This will be the same Abbey that I have a Visa Electron card with that is NOT to authorise payments if there are insufficient funds who then allowed a card payment in Currys to be processed taking me £2.96 O/D for which they happily charged me £38! Happy Christmas from Santander...
  10. I got one of these yesterday and have filed it for reference anyway. Getting sick of this now, after moving in with my girlfriend. I have had three such claims now, none followed up. If their 'third party' is legit why don't they state who it is...irinically I get one of these everytime I do something like sign-on to the electoral register, buy car tax, change the address on my driving licence, get a credit report!! Also notice, the envelope return address is in Glamorgan!
  11. Hi Moneymouth, I spoke to the CAB today and they agree, they can enforce the loan agreement even though they took the car back and disposed of it. So it's like this then, the whole loan amount is outstanding, they dispose of the car for less than market value (auction) then chase you for the difference between the two. C'est la vie. A lesson is GAP insurance is not a waste of money after all Oh well, time to speak to the DCA then... am over a barrel. Anyone got any advice on bankruptcy?
  12. Thanks Lexis, It was a simple letter just saying pay up, interest added since the account went into default at 27% (seemed a bit arbitrary) and since Googleing the DCA (Go Debt) am not entirely convinced they are genuine. Am I still liable for a car loan after they have repossessed the goods? My friends seem to think that taking the car back should be the end of it. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Hope someone can help a bit. I have recieved a copy of some paperwork from a DCA for a car loan that went bad a couple of years ago, but what they have sent doesn't feel right. There is a letter (08/05/09) saying I owe them £4900 together with a photocopy of what looks like a fax copy of the original agreement (on it there is a stamp saying TRUE COPY with a signature but I can't make it out), another letter from the loan company saying I owe then £2737 (10/07/07), a letter with no logos, addresses or heading saying they are sending the debt to court (13/07/07), a receipt fro
  14. Hi Goodbadrum, No nothing and I believed the debts to have been written off as such. I am trying to get my credit report from Experian but it is proving difficult with their systems. Has anyone else had problems getting hold of their reports?
  15. Hi Blink, After a while and some carefully crafted letters from this site, they have now left me alone. I think they just tried it on really. On another matter, a couple of years ago, I took out a car loan soon after which I lost my job, couldn't keep up the payments. They repossessed the car and disposed of it in auction. Then they claimed I still owed them £2737. I moved house and didn't get any more letters (even though they had my previous addresses - I moved back to my parents) so thought nothing of it. Then I get a call out of the blue from a company called Go Debt. They say I
  16. Hi, I didn't know where to post this as their is so much to see and read. In 2007 I bought a car through a dealer using a last resort finance house in London. A few months later I lost my job and couldn't keep up the payments. As I hadn't paid more than a third of the balance they repossessed the car and disposed of it via an auction. I got a letter two months later claiming I owed them about £2700. I buried my head and thought that would be the end of it as they had recovered the goods. Now I have a phone call from Go Debt claiming they have been assigned the debt and two years
  17. Fantabulous forum... I am glad I checked up on line here before calling CQ. Sorry for whinging but is there any idea on how this happened and what I should do? You see, before Xmas I got a letter HL Legal saying they had been instructed by CQ to recover a bought debt from HSBC for £34k - my missus was not impressed. I googled them, found this forum and shed loads of disgruntled people who got the same so I decided to ignore them. Three letters later I am being told they are filing for bankruptcy unless I pay them £24k in 14 days. Strangley, there is no court reference except I shoul
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