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  1. Hello, I never managed to get the money back. I have now noticied that their phone is gone down. Then I read this post from a different website I dont know how to get my money back. Im so so so so upset. :(:(:(:(
  2. Well guys it is clear that they are fraud. I was charged by TLG i have only spoken to theloansupermarket so is 100% fraud. Fraud team is now dealing with it, Dont bother with Lee, Sam, Shaz, Katie, Charlote etc They are there to still your money not give money back. I was told by Lee that he wrote the cheque and I will receive it in 1 week its been 1month now. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THEM THEY ARE FRAUD REPORT THEM AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK. I have been wating for 4 months and I didnt get anything. I will also set up a website to warn other people. Anyone wanna help me with
  3. £99 were gone from my account on 12th of december and I did not give premition just like everyone else here. I called back after 2 minutes and I told them. I have called them over 1000 times I will pay an other £10000 to get those money back. I am taking them to court and if I do not win (which i am sure I will because i recorded the calls) I swear to god I am prepered to do everything to get my money back I`ll keep you updated
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