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  1. I started in 98 so would have been September that year. Guess it's the new type. Thanks for all the help guys. Regards, Pete
  2. Thanks for the reply. Correct me if I'm wrong but if a debt becomes statute barred the creditor has no right to collect the debt. So in principal if the student loan company has never collected frome in the last seven years then they wouldn't be allowed to now even if I earned over the 15000 threshold. Or does the wording of their agreement allow them to collect? In response to an earlier post, I've answered my own question. In bankruptcy my lease would return to the landlord.
  3. 1) yes from the student loan company and back in 1998-2003 no payments have ever beenmade to them as my income has always been below the £15000 threshold. 2) not sure about that I'll check tomorrow and get back to you
  4. Just two questions 1) are student loans included in bankruptcy? I'm pretty sure it's statute barred any way but wanted to know if it would be included. 2) I hold the lease for a property which is the main thing I need to get away from. If I go bankrupt will that be included as a debt or will the landlord just have to take it back? Regards Pete
  5. Hi, Just wanted to ask if I go bankrupt what would happen to my home? I have a mortgage and owe about the same as it is worth. Regards, Pete
  6. Thanks cerb. Should i also send them proof of unlawful recission?
  7. Should mention that the account was unlawfully rescinded. which i have retained proof of. I also have a letter from Marbles stating that they will not pursue the debt. I hae also noticed in some of the threads that Section 78 can no longer be used as a defence. I haven't found out why. Can anyone enlightn me. Thanks
  8. Hi there, sorry to hijack someone elses thread but i havn't had a response on my own for a while. HFC/Marbles terminated my account on the back of a faulty default notice. And also stated the wouldn't chase the money. However they have now sold the debt to capquest. I told capquest that the debt was being disputed and they asked for proof of the dispute. should i send it to them? Regards, Pete
  9. I have found with personal experience, that if you havn't actually fallen behind with any payments yet, CAB and your creditors don't really want to know. I wasted several hours with CAB before they told me that until you actually fall behind on payments your creditors have no reason to accept any payment deals because you are paying them. I spoke to some of the companies direct and they didn't care either as they were still recieving their minimum monthly payments. I'm not telling you to stop paying, just giving my experience.
  10. Account was sold to capquest before i got a response from robinson way. I sent an account in dispute letter to them and got a reply asking me to provide supporting evidence of the dispute. Should I send anything back? or do you think they are trying to find out how i will try and defend myself if they try and take me to court? regards, pete
  11. sorry havn't been on here for a while. From what everyone has said in the posts and without wanting to go down the legal route, I have to go back to the fitter and quote the sale of goods act to him, in the hope he will go back to the manufacturer and hopefully they will arrange to sort the fan out. As for all the legal in and outs, from whats been said it will be a long and complicated path if i go down that route. I'll contact the fitter again and see what he says and post back when i get a response. Thanks.
  12. There wasn't any ts & cs. I arranged for an entire kitchen to be fitted by this company. They've essentially bought the fan from another company and then fitted it. all i have is an invoice. Where do i stand? Is there any legislation that requires him to sort out the problem? Does the sale of goods act apply? Or do i just have to take it.
  13. We're a limited company. Paid by cheque. All in one go.
  14. We're a limited company. Paid by cheque. All in one go.
  15. It hasn't failed outright but is currently only working at slower speeds. When the speed is turned up the fan vibrates badly and smoke seems to be pushed back into the kitchen. We're quite far away from the intallation company's base so i feel he's trying to dodge his responsibilities. If it was a domestic item i'd just throw the sale of goods act at him but its commercial.
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