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  1. Are they breaking any data protection laws and can I do anything?
  2. My company have gone into liquidation and then "phoenixed" into a new company the next day. I have been selected for possible redundancy as my role will not be needed. My question is I have been handed a piece of paper with everyones salary on and who is being made redundant, and how much they may be getting paid. Armed with this can I do anything??
  3. trim1971

    HSBC query

    hi the forms arrived today from a company called i-sm@rt consumer services ltd claiming they have been successful reclaiming charges from HSBC. How are these people aware we have put a claim into HSBC?
  4. trim1971

    HSBC query

    Hsbc replied with a list of charges. Letter sent back to them requesting a refund due to hardship 2 weeks ago. Since then no reply from the bank just this call today saying we should have recieved some forms and that they'll send more out as not recieved. All very strange. My wife asked if they were acting on behalf of the bank and they said Yes
  5. trim1971

    HSBC query

    My wife has put a claim in and has stated that she would like it dealing with due to financial hardship. She has today been contacted by an external organisation claiming to be working for HSBC and that they would be sending some forms for her to fill in as all claims are on hold. I presumed that financial hardship cases had to be looked at by the banks? This company has also asked her if she has any car hp loans in the last 6years as she may have been charged payment protection. This to me seems very strange that an external company would contact her and not the bank, can anyone advise or sh
  6. Thanks, they have provided me with a breakdown of the £137 and each additional cost. £82 of which were for the security officer for 10 mins work.
  7. Is there any letter I should respond with or just file in the bin/ dispute?
  8. received my demand today for £137, but they say they will accept £110. What's my next course of action. Should I pay or refuse to pay?
  9. Hi a purchase I made had the incorrect label on according to security. No police involved signed a banning order and told RPL will claim damages and that if I didn't pay it would be doubled and if i didn't pay that a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Should I pay ? gut feeling says no. any help appreciated.
  10. she was getting quite irate, especially when i mentioned contractual law
  11. Hello all I have taken passed advice and ignored Central ticketing. However this morning received a letter from JB Debt Recovery with the usual "failure to pay could lead to legal proceedings". I called them up (i know should have ignored) and told them that according to contractual law they should take this up with the driver as their letter stated that as the registered keeper at time of offence i am liable. She started to get a little irate and naturally I told her it won't be paid by me , and she told me to seek legal advice. Should i now just ignore or send letter or email. any help appre
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