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  1. If Money Partners are the actual owners of the deed, shouldn't it actually be them doing the reposession and not Oakwood? Or at least there should be some sort of information to state that Oakwood are acting on behalf of Money Partners... Also a copy of a copy does not prove that Oakwood or Money Partners actually have the original document. Don't they have to prove this in court? Unfortunately in the court documents I haven't been able to enter a defence as you have stated due to the fact that the witness statement arrived well after the court documents were received and sent back. They
  2. We've had another letter from Wragg&co (solicitors) today. Giving us the witness statements. Also telling us its not too late to stop the repossession and to contact oakwood to give them a proposal. The letter is a complete piece of c**p!!! "Please complete the attached income and expenditure form" - What form, there isn't one attached... On the witness statement the figure we borrowed is correct, but the outstanding balance is completely wrong its actually £85k less that the mortgage (we're on an interest only mortgage, so it should be the same as the figure we borrowed). The mont
  3. So basically I can't really do anything other than put in a complaint to the FSO regarding the PPI and hope that this covers it all...
  4. Aren't financial institutions supposed to try to seek payment options before taking legal action?
  5. I would have to contact them to find out if they have a copy of the agreement. The PPI would probably cover however much it was that Link paid GE and some...
  6. Sorry I don't understand the terms you are on about... The only thing we disagree with is the fact that the loan was sold on without our knowledge to Link, then the way that they went about their business.They refused to try and sort out any type of payment plan...Just demanding the full amount. I don't know if I have any claim against GE regarding PPI though as I never even knew we'd signed up for it... It only covered us for half the term of the loan as well...
  7. Yes I always make copies of any documents I have to fill and and send somewhere... On the back of the court form it states... "Complete the admission form (N9A) and send it direct to the claimant (see address on the front of the form to which documents are to be sent). Do not send a copy to the court. Entering an admission may result in judgement being entered against you." We sent this form to Link as we do owe the money... We just wanted to get a payment plan sorted out...
  8. We had a letter from Northampton court about a fortnight ago stating that it's now been moved to a court in Wales...
  9. I sent the forms back to link as that is where the form said to sent it back to "the claimant". If it had said send it back to the courts, I would have done...
  10. No, they haven't we have to go to court for the first time on 30th Oct...At the moment we're trying to get them to agree to us going on the HMS scheme, so that we can continue to pay at the current rate until our deal runs out...
  11. Hi,I have had nearly exactly the same dealings with Link. I had a GE money loan sold to Link, without any notification from GE Money... Link have taken us to court and won (I send forms back to Link, they stated they never received them). They were always rude and abrupt to me whenever I called them. They wouldn't try to sort out a payment plan,they wanted payment in full asap. They are demanding that they have theamount added to our house... Can anyone give me any info on anything that I can do at all???
  12. Hi, can anyone help us with this issue... We had a loan for windows & doors with GE Money... I've been out of work for nearly a year now and we ended up not making some of the payments. In July this year we had a letter from Link Financial saying that the debt had now been sold to them and they wanted immiediate payment in full... We were gob-smacked!!! We'd had no contact from GE money stating that this was the case. Surely they should have contacted us to inform us of this... I contacted Link to try and arrange a payment schedule. They refused point blank and demanded the full amo
  13. Hi, I need some urgent info regarding my problem... We've got a mortgage out with Oakwood and they have started posession proceedings against us. I've had my own company for a number of years, but in Oct last year my work dried up. This year I've had to let the IR force a liquidation on it as I've had no work at all and I needed help. At the start of this year I contacted Oakwood and we agreed that we would pay only a 1/3 of the normal payments. We've kept up these payments all year even though I'm still out of work. We've also been in constant contact with them. In August I contacted t
  14. We're around £11k behind, our normal payments are around £1200, but we've only been able to pay £400 a month. With my own company going to the wall, we've lost over £3000 a month in my own wages. I am in monthly contact with them as we are paying each month by debit card (don't want DD fee's applying, and they agreed to this). They know the full situation, and they've always been kept upto datewith any changes...
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