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  1. JP preistley i think it was sent the letter off to my debt management programme should have it back in a day or so so will confirm the solicitor then, kinda worried now as dont kno what will happen
  2. Have never admitted the debt is ours neither in writing or verbally, they have now passed it to a solicitors even though i sent the above letter, guess we will just have to wait and see what happens now
  3. Last payment was in 2003 but not sure which month most likely feb time as thats when we became unemployed 1st time round
  4. Yes I am going to complain to OFT and trading standards hopefully if they have enough complaints about them they may revoke their licence. Think Ive made a HUGE mistake though, Ive just been looking on credit expert so I could get dates and things about the debt and it doesnt seems statute barred, it was defaulted in August 2004, what will happen now? any suggestions? Sorry I honestly thought this debt was older than it is
  5. Sorry havent been on for a few days, had a lot going on . The evil woman has not yet rung back, letters have been posted and we are awaiting replies from Ruthbridge (dont expect we will hear from them after what Ive been reading on here). Thank you again for everyones advice its really honestly helped, if I do get the woman on the phone again at least I know where I stand and that her threats are nothing but empty nasty comments. Thank you all x
  6. Thank you all very much for your replies, had yet another phone call from the woman, stating that as I havent got my patner to ring them they will be sending someone to the door to sort this matter out, I politely told her I didnt give permission for her to visit my home and that if she did I would phone the police. She went on to say yes but if Mr X isnt willing to deal with this matter we have no alternative, so I told her I didnt wish to dicuss the matter with her as it isnt my debt and hung up, had a voicemail left on answerphone since. Going to post the letter previously posted shortly an
  7. Thank you that is a fantastic letter, will send that off today,.
  8. Thank you very very much Lillylou, will make myself a coffee and look through the letter templates, and get posted whatever I can today. I thought that if you acknowledged a debt (made payments) it re-set the 6years? Thanks
  9. She doesnt even ask for security information and I wasnt the nicest of people to her this morning when she told me she would take my son's things by force of entry if needed, I snapped and told her if she dared to enter my property I would phone the police as she has no right to do this and as for my son's things she wouldn't be getting in to take them! The 1st time she ever rang she asked no security questions either so as far as she knows she isnt even talking to my partner or me.
  10. Thank you I will invest in a telephone recorder, just not sure if I can handle anymore nasty phone calls from this woman.
  11. Thank you for your quick reply pmhcfc, to my knowledge the debt is at least 7years old, however when we were with the debt management last year they agreed repayments for them (which I think cancels the satute barred), the debt is for a loan with beneficial finance or welcome finance Im not sure which, but both were unsecured loans my partner took out, is there templates to the letters you mention? She said she would be instructing her client to make a home visit this week as we are not willing to deal with the debt, but last week when I spoke to her she informed me she would be recommending b
  12. Hi Im new to this board and need some advice as Ruthbridge are getting harrasing now. This started last year, they sent letters then finally something about bankrupcy, with my partner and I wanting to avoid bankrupcy we rang a debt management company straight away and had been paying them up untill November last year, We stopped our plan as we were struggling with payments. Ruthbridge have now phoned on average 3 times a day, and each time the woman rings she calls me all sorts of things because my partner is not in as he works and its his debt. Her latest threat is coming to the house early
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