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  1. You are a star i get it now Thank you very much for all your help i really appreciate it and when i get my redress ill certainly be making a donation for you guys to continue the good work.
  2. Right ive been trying to work that out for days lol. What i dont understand is that i would of paid this amount £4869.16 if the loan went to term but as a i got a rebate of £50.66 which means i have paid £4818.50 over 55 months, so is this not divided by 55 months not 60 which would make my monthly ppi payments £87.61
  3. Thats great just out of interest how did u get to the figure of £81 pounds per month? Thanks for ur help so far
  4. Thanks i appreciate any help u can give me
  5. No problem The figures are amount of credit (goods) £12295.00 Total amount payable (goods) £19873.25 amount of credit (ppi/warranties £5035.70 Total amount payable (ppi/warranty) £7566.15 Total amount of credit £17330.70 Total amount payable £27439.40 The ppi element accounts to £3240.70 not including contractual interest Apr 19.28% rate of interest 18.8% per annum Admin fee £200 Interest charge £8708.70 Total charge for credit £8908.70 Agreement 60 months paid by 1st installment of £558.99 on the 02/01/2007 followed by 58 monthly payments of £433.99 and final installment of £508.99 I paid the loan of 5 months early and recieved a rebate of £50.66 I think i have covered all the numbers there Thanks
  6. i have entered all details and its totally different to the offer made by carcraft the interest coming up on the spreadsheet is AWARD CALCULATION Monthly Payment of PPI £4,818.55 8% Simple Interest £1,905.83 Total £6,724.38 So what do u guys make of this?
  7. Hi there could any1 help me out with whether the ppi offer looks about right? Here goes loan taken out in dec 2006 over 5 years finished paying it off 5 months early* premium £3240.70 Contactual interest £1628.46 Total amount pyable £4868.16 Rebate £50.66 Basic compensation £4818.50 Interest £486.75 Total refund £5305.25 The fos states that that i should get 8% simple on each monthly amount a year from the date each payment was made to the date of redress. Also calculating the amount I would of paid to settle the loan without ppi ans subtracting that from the amount from what was actually needed to settle the loan and paying the difference and adding interest on the difference at 8% a year from when the loan was settled to the date of redress. I just dont want to be fobbed off by carcraft thats all. thanks in advance
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