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  1. my partner took out 2 loans with the Halifax about 5 yr ago to replay in 6 yr term, which means they are nearly paid for now. but it looks like they were sold PPI. they didnt even know what this was, till reading your site,now were wondering if we will be able to claim back the PPI from the halifax for mis selling this policy. since my partner has had this loan they havent had no letters to show how much they are paying off or no statements to show. all we have had is them taking £186 a mth from our account. which no letters at all. what would be the best approach here
  2. i am totally thick, i just dont knwo or understand what i am to do... sorry .... to be honest i wondered if someone would be so kind to actually put me in the right places and explain what i have to do , cause i am useless at these type of things
  3. ok you probably heard all this before, i set up paypal into my account. and made some payments with paypal going through my bank account. didnt think anything was wrong till i got a phone call from my bank today stating i was £133 in over drawn charges. and if i didnt make the payment to them they will add more charges. to me this seems really unfair, as i didnt realise i was overdrawn, and if i was overdrawn, why didnt they call me sooner, instead when it was at £133 which is a lot of money. is there anyway possible does anyone know of me writing to my bank and asking them to take these charges away, i dont mind paying some i suppose to shut them up. but wondered if there is any template i can send them... any help would be helpfull.
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