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  1. Can someone please post me a letter template, I have read a lot of posts that BC are hard to do this with?
  2. The card is 7 years old but all the money has been spent in the last year on the card
  3. Hi I have a BC with abour £4100 on it, I am making minimum payment of £90 a month but interest is just over £70 a month so the debt is hardly going down I have called them today to ask if they can lower interest rate as its 24%, they said no. They offered to put me on a payment plan and freeze interest but this would effect my credit Is it worth putting it in writing to see if they can knock the rate down? If so is there a template I should use Any more advice would be good too
  4. Hi again Does it matter when a credit card was taken out if you are trying to challenge it? I have heard an advert on the radio it had to be taken out before April 2007. I took a Sainsburys credit card out in October 2007 and they have admitted they do not have my signed credit agreement, does this mean this debt is unenforceable or can they inforce it as it was taken out after the April?
  5. Still not received anything back from them yet. What would you suggest I do now, like I have said before I dont want to dig myself a hole and have virgin ask me to settle the loan. Should I send another letter asking for my signed credit agreement or is there another letter you can suggest I send? Thanks
  6. Thanks Can I just ask I am not behind on any of the payments, if I send this and they can produce a signed credit agreement can they make me settle the loan? I just dont want to dig myself a big hole!!
  7. Hi I sent a letter to virgin loans (They signed for it on 6th March) asking for a copy of my signed credit agreement. They have not sent anything through the post as of yet. Can anyone advice what I should do next as it has been 14 days now. Should I wait a few more days or should I send another letter in? Many Thanks T
  8. No just balance transfers and purchases, have not missed a payment but i am only paying minimum payment each month and thats £80 month
  9. Thanks Would you advice putting the last 2 paragraphs in? I am not behind on any payments on my card, I am just trying to get the balance wiped off
  10. Thanks Is there a different letter to send back or do I just change 77 to 78??
  11. Hi all, I sent the below letter off to mint credit card last week and have had a letter back saying "Request received under S77 - the above account is not a loan and therefore we are under no obligation or requirment to provide you/your client with the requested details" Any ideas what I should do next? Are they messing about as they do not have my credit agreement or have I used the wrong letter? Any help would be much appreciated. Letter I sent was Dear Sir/Madam Re:− Account/ref xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77 of th
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