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  1. He uses it to travel to different sites in order to be able to do his job How do I find out who to contact at the local authority to check what's owing and about the fees??? He tried calling and speaking to the bailiff again yesterday to be just don't I don't have your paperwork on me again and can get call back Monday so we don't seem to be getting anywhere with him. Will pop a letter in the pay today asking for full breakdown of fees and what we currently owe
  2. After some advice or help please. We currently only have the one car in the household, which is in my name but my husband uses for work. I'm currently unemployed. Last year he got a parking fine which he chose to ignore as we couldn't afford to pay it and didn't tell me about it. I eventually found out when a letter came to the house saying the fine had increased to roughly £100. Can remember the exact figure, had it out with him and he said he would sort it well turns out he never. Had a letter come dated the 17/05/12 saying a warrant has now been issued by the Traff
  3. Thanks I just looked on there website and they have their bank details listed so will set up a Standing order. Wish I had known months ago there bank details was listed online.lol
  4. Update - Firstly thank you all for you help, my account has been called back from the bailiffs and those bailiff charges have been cleared off the account. The CEO has assigned the account to a lady in the Revenues department who I need to call tomorrow to set up a payment plan. Overall I'm very happy, just hope I can get a Direct Debit set up now so as I dont have to keep going online to pay.
  5. Thank you, both letters written up. Letter to CEO with copy to equita and the letter above requesting a breakdown of charges. These will all be sent recorded so should be recieved monday morning Tuesday and the very latest.
  6. Called the council and asked them the questions in Only 1 Liability order has been issued It covers 2011-2012 £609.31 outstanding Cost of Liability order £63.00 The lady I spoke to doesnt know what the bailiff fees are. She said that all i'd need to pay them is the 609.31 but then the bailiff would still want there fee's paid
  7. If I had a credit card, catalogue bill or payday loans which I was paying then I would put them down to £1pcm but I dont, My mobile is only £10pcm which is in a contract till April. I also havent said I dont have the money to pay the council tax either, just got fed up of having to go online each month to make a payment and wanted to pay by direct debit that way no way of me missing a payment. What I was asking was if those extra charges recently incurred if I can get them cleared off as I was waiting for the council to return my call set up direct debit and get it paid
  8. One last thing as when we quieried this with with council the balance was £652 and they never bothered to call us to state that they were re-calling it back from the bailiffs. We've now had the balance gone upto £826.14. Do I need to pay the difference of £174.14 as I dont think its fair we've had these charges as the council never got in touch with us.
  9. Do I have to prove the car is on HP??? Will get letters written up tonight and sent recorded tomorrow that way they cant say they never recieved them like my bank mandate. Thanks so much for your help
  10. Once I send that letter to the CEO and a copy to the bailiff can the bailiff keep calling at my house??? If my car is parked on the drive can he place a levy on the car???
  11. How much do I pay, cause in Decmber I owed £652 not sure whats included in that and then on this letter I got yesterday it said £814.
  12. What happens if I pay the council direct??? do I need to advise the bailiff I have paid the council direct???
  13. Right I have been trying to set up a Direct debit for my council tax since August, first person I spoke to wouldnt do it over the phone sent mandate which they say they never recieved back. 2nd person I spoke to after payment wasnt taken set it up over the phone only for it still not to be taken, 3rd person I spoke to wouldnt do it over the phone said could only send out a mandate but it could paid over 5 payments which at the time would have been in Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar. I never recieved a mandate so doubt one was ever sent tbh. Next thing I new I had a lett
  14. Ok thanks for the advise, will sent that letter and see what they have to say. Thanks for you help
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