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  1. Hello, I am writing here for some advice on behalf of my sister who is struggling financially. She is employed through her ex partner's company and receives £2000 per month. She is separated from her ex and is the primary carer for their 7 year old daughter. The mortgage is £1300 per month and so once bills and council tax are also taken off, she has approx £200 month left for food. She is getting into big debt. When they first separated, she applied for Child tax credits stating that she was earning £24000 per annum (she timesed £2000 x 12 months). However, she was concerned that she
  2. Hello, I paid £109.95 for a Dolls house advertised as being 'Complete with Furniture' from an online retailer. The box did not contain the furniture. The company have apologised and said that they will amend their website and have said that "We have now amended our website and as advisedin the terms and conditions which you agreed to when orderingdescriptions can differ from the product." Their terms and conditions say: "Although we aim to keep the Website as up to date as possible, the information including Product Descriptions appearing on this Website at a particular time
  3. I set up a small business under the trading arm of a charitable organisation 6 years ago. The business grew steadily and is now very successful providing an excellent source of unrestricted funds to the main charity. Eventhough I founded the business, I am employed by the organisation to deliver it (so not self-employed). Two years ago I needed to recruit someone part-time to help me with the workload. She was a very strong team member and so when I fell pregnant and went on maternity leave last year, I felt very confident knowing that she would take over full-time and that the business w
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