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  1. I have a long standing debt with my bank, they have closed my account and not contacted me for 4 years. I am due to receive an inheritance and dont know where I can bank the cheque. Can I have the cheque made in my partners name or can I open a savings account where there wont be a credit search
  2. Thanks for your replies, it looks like I will just have to wait and see what their next move is, I will get back in touch if and when I get the CCA
  3. Hi to you all again, I am giving you an up date on the progress with my dispute with Lowells. On 10/03/09 I sent my CCA request letter, the following letter arrived on 20/03 although it was dated 12/03 'We are in receipt of your request for a copy of your credit agreement in accordance with section 78(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. We are requesting a cpoy of the agreement from the original lender with whom you originally entered into the agreement. While we endeavour to reply to tou with the required information within the prescribed 12 day period under the CCA, you will apprecia
  4. Thanks for that piece of info. i have just been to post the CCA request, Just being able to communicate with people who understand the situation is a great help. Many Thanks, I will sit tight and wait for their next move. I was never bullied in the playground so I wont let it happen now!
  5. OK, I'll try to be strong. Have printed off the CCA letter and will wait to hear from them. Thanks for the support, i will keep in touch
  6. Thanks for that, however I cant face going to court and am trying to avoid getting a statutiry demand which will mean at the least I will have to defer it by going to court.Is there any point in sending a letter ' this account is in dispute' to stop them issuing an SD.
  7. Hi to you all again, After a sleepless weekend and quivering when the door bell rings I have decided I cant go on like this it is making me ill.I want to make an offer to Lowells to clear my debt. Having read that they pay about 10% to purchase these debts I am wondering what sort of offer I can make .Any suggestions please.
  8. Thanks all for your help and comments. I will let you know how I progress
  9. the card is egg, and yes it is more than £750, more like put a nought on the end of that.Yikes! I can't type the amount it scares me.
  10. I can't scan, but this is what the letter says, by the way sorry its not cap one, it is egg. Pre Bankruptcy Petition 'Your account has been reviewed by our head of litigation and due to the number of opportunities you have been given to enter into a repayment program and clear your balance it has been decided that your account is to be fast tracked to our bankruptcy division, to consider filing a petition at Court for your bankruptcy.' The letter then goes on about the implications of being made bankrupt and then 'You still have an option to avoid bankruptcy, we will accept a realistic
  11. Where did skateboarding come into things? This is fun if it weren't for the seriousnes of my problem. The letter is from Lowell Financial and is titled 'Pre Bankruptcy Petition' My point though is still that they don't know where I am.
  12. I dont think I got ccj's . this is the only post to my old address.I am thinking that my ex landlord would know. I thought statute barred began after 6 years, and the last payment made to the cc company was mid 2005
  13. Hi all:) Thanks for the web site. I am trying to find my way around, so here goes, I will try to keep my story brief. I recently returned to the UK after 6 years living in Spain.Whilst there I lapsed on my credit card installments. Burying my head in the sand and knowing the credit card company didn't have my Spanish address I conveniently forgot about it. The sun really does get to your head! On return to the UK my landlord from 6 years ago had recently received post for me and kindly kept it. I wish he hadn't. I had a collection of not so nice letters from a debt collection agency(ofte
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