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  1. I'm glad I emailed because their reply has completely contradicted the contract and what the gym said. I've never seen such a vague gym contract as well. I'm really hoping their reply was just ignorance and they are not being purposely misleading. They really should not be sending emails with incorrect information. This companies focus is on retaining customers for gyms and making sure defaults are paid so they do not want you to cancel.
  2. I'm still waiting on a reply to my email but this section in the terms and conditions means what I think it does and that cancelling the direct debit is okay? I just want to make sure that I'm in the right here. The contract does not mention notice and says nothing else about cancelling apart from this paragraph. Their website simply says no contract, no tie in and you can cancel when you want.
  3. I cancelled my direct debit and was going to do it via the site as well but forgot. Due to this the members page now says I am in default even though my next payment is due in December and there is no way to cancel via the site. I contacted the gym who said I need to contact harlands. I had to send an email as they don't answer the phone. I was told I need to cancel via the members page which is no longer possible and reinstate the direct debit as you have to give one months notice. Their website says no contract and no tie in. Also in their terms and conditions there is no
  4. Got my final bill today. £29.50 for repair/refurbishment, that's it! All done with now so I'm happy!
  5. I might change my mind once I get the final bill
  6. The only thing they are charging me for is a machine operated polish which is £40. Can't complain considering the other damage noted on the initial inspection. I will only get my final bill once the car has been sold at auction so I think it's still possible to get further charges but I will let you know. I think anyone going through this process shouldn't worry, they seem more than fair.
  7. I think what he pointed out could not be classed as reasonable wear and tear especially the cracked grille. I don't mind paying a reasonable amount but I will have to wait for the bill. I presume I won't get that for a while yet but I will let you know how much it is.
  8. the car was inspected and collected today. Very smooth process, some minor damage noted. A dent, some scratches and a cracked front grille. I haven't seen the final bill yet but can't complain so far. He pointed out all the damage and I felt he was more than reasonable.
  9. Sorry by charges I mean damage to the car. Yes, I've sent the letter. Just waiting for BCA to contact me to arrange to collect it.
  10. I've started the VT process today and will keep people here updated as no one seems to have said anything about charges and what happens after they collect the car. So far just had a call from moneybarn confirming BCA will be in touch within two days and then the car will be collected within 7 days. My car is 6 years old with just over 30,000 miles and they said on the phone they don't expect it to be in mint condition but I'll be interested to see what the final bill is. I'm very happy with this car but I still have two and half years worth of payments and for the little I
  11. Just an update, they accepted my change to a lower payment and by standing order, no questions asked. They even sent me a text asking for feedback on their customer service. Maybe they're changing their ways! haha
  12. Thanks and I pay all my other creditors via standing order so I don't see the issue myself but lowell just like being difficult. It will take about four days for a reply so I'll let you know what they say.
  13. I know you're all trying to help but I really am happy to pay off these debts. I was young when I ran up these debts and i'm a bit more sensible now. I have now asked Lowell to reduce my payment amount so I can put the money towards more important things at the moment. I'm currently paying by direct debit and I expect them to say no and if so I plan to cancel the direct debit and pay by standing order so that i'm in control. I'm not impressed with their attitude to be honest and all other debt collectors have been far more reasonable and helpful.
  14. They're both credit cards and I know I owe the debts. I don't mind paying them off but I don't earn a lot so it's hard paying them off in one payment. I'll just continue making my monthly payments for now and I've already paid off two debts I owe so just three to go.
  15. Well That was an interesting experience. Was wanting to get a partial settlement and he initially said he could offer a 5% discount and then he said the maximum was 10% so I wasn't interested. He then wanted to go over my income to try and get me to pay more but obviously I wasn't interested in that. Probably the least professional and useful debt collector i've ever spoke to. Might be helpful for people who want a significant discount to know you're wasting your time. Phoned capital one and they were willing to give me 30% but that's not as much as i'd want.
  16. Yes I just have a standing order setup and am paying what I can afford. At this rate though it's going to take years! They haven't taken money from my current account so seem happy as long as i'm making payments for now at least.
  17. Yes just pay directly to vodafone until you are told otherwise. You'd only need to pay fredrickson if vodafone sold the debt and account to them which thankfully they haven't.
  18. If you login to your fredrickson account online it will show you your balance that you owe them. It's likely that as you are in default vodafone have passed the debt on to fredrickson to collect on their behalf. I only dealt with them online and as long as you are willing to make repayments they will leave you alone. They will have definitely sent you a letter explaining all this. There is no point in ignoring them, you might as well just pay them and get it out of the way which you seem willing to do anyway. Probably one of the easiest debt collectors t
  19. Well a person definitely didn't call you! Just noticed that in an email I received from them.
  20. You do raise a good point with the payday loan though. I just had a look and both loans were the same amount, around the same time and the wonga loan was written off because it was deemed unnafordable so why am I paying off this one? I think I'll stop paying and let them know why.
  21. The debt was a credit card. I'm only paying because I want to pay off my debts. I've already settled one default. That's a lot nicer than having to deal with these people hassling me to pay all the time.
  22. The Lowell debt was originally a payday loan and considering I had one with wonga that was written off because they shouldn't have given it to me in the first place, maybe I shouldn't be paying that. I don't have a seperate thread because I'm happy enough as I'm paying £25 a month and they leave me alone. The £2600 debt is a santander credit card and my bank is santander. When I didn't have a job and spoke to them on the phone they just asked if I could pay £5 a month and seemed happy as long as I was paying something. I've made extra payments on top of that when I
  23. I only owe about £400 to lowell at the moment and I owe the money so I want to pay it back. The only reason I'm in this situation was because I didn't have a job for months a while a go and now I do I have no issue paying it back. Yes I could just not pay but I want to clear my debts and be done with it. I don't mind paying the little I do and no longer being bothered by debt collection agencies. I have four defaults i'm paying off and two are with a dca but considering the low amounts it won't be long before their paid off anyway. I'm more concerned about a default
  24. Sadly these things are all automated these days. I'm repaying a debt with Lowell and interestingly enough got an email saying they'd be taking my payment a day later than usual due to The Christmas bank holidays. Unless you pay by card they wouldn't get a payment today anyway. May I ask why you're going to the hassle of paying every week? I pay one a month by direct debit so I don't even have to think about it.
  25. Thanks for the advice. They have another two weeks to reply to the decision so I'll wait and see what they do.
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