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    MBNA CCA and FF&S

    Thanks Vint1954 Yeah I had a look in the library and was a little confused. There is an identical "credit agreement" : 2003 Enforceablility : There is an issue of legibility so very likely not However, would be enforceable if a legible document were to be produced because - There is a signature on Page 1 and Prescribed terms on Page 2 Comments: No link between the two pages. Reference to condition 11 on front, but not on back. No default charges detailed as in Note 1: Think MBNA are trying to suggest that both of these items were both sides of th
  2. Thanks Elsa - really appreciate your help!
  3. HI Elsa Meant to say that I have been paying £50 per month to RBS as a reduced payment and the interest is frozen. Will cancel the monthly payment and hopefully that focuses their minds. They have already defaulted me so their options are limited I would imagine. I suppose they could pass it to a DCA but they cannot enforce it either. Hmmm - don't know what's for the best. Alan:confused:
  4. Hi guys I CCA'd RBS back in March/April - they replied that they cannot find the Credit Agreement and although they cannot therefore enforce the debit, they expect me to pay. The balance now is £9,600 what would be an reasonable ff&s offer? (bearing in mind they cannot enforce) The account has already been defaulted in 2008 so I would like to tie its removal into the FF&S Any advice on how I go about it?
  5. Al1971

    MBNA CCA and FF&S

    Hi All Would really appreciate MBNA advice. I have been made redundant and over the last few months I have been negotiating with MBNA for a full and final settlement. The balance is £4500, I am 3 months in arrears but no defaults so far. Thay offerred £1300 as a "part Settlement" and said in writing that the account would be closed and that they would not come after the rest. Obviously, I would like to negotiate a full and final settlement. I CCA'd MBNA and received this on a double sided photocopy: Firstly, is this enforceable and if so how can I use it to pressu
  6. Thanks Boo - will give it a go
  7. Hi All I really need some help regarding an issue I have with EOS /Actio/Freemans Catalogue. I sent EOS a CCA request back in March. I received a reply saying that Freemans could not locate the document and that they will be closing the account and no further action will be taken. However, I was checking Experian and the default was still there. The outstanding amount is £195 of which I could pay a sizeable amount as a FF&S. What should I do now? Obiously I want to use the FF&S to remove the Default. Any particular letter I can use? Cheers Alan
  8. Yeah - will go with that one: short, sweet and to the point. Waiting game Cheers Al
  9. CitizenB I was going send this to them: Dear Sir/ Madam Thank you for your recent letter sent to me dated 12 March 2009, the contents of which are noted. However, the reply received by me does not fulfill your requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Act demands that I be supplied with a true copy of any properly executed credit agreement that exists in relation to the above account. I may ask for this on demand providing that a fee of £1.00 is paid. This fee was sent with my original letter, dated 19 February 2009. Upon receipt of the original request the spe
  10. Thanks for your reply, citizenB. I don't think we got a Default notice (can't find any in our records). I just started getting letters from Blair Oliver & Scott. We have been paying a reduced amount to Bank Of Scotland since Dec 2007.
  11. Guys I posted this on HBOS but I haven't had much help. Can anyone have a look and tell me if this is enforceable: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/190044-bos-cca-what-do.html#post2052862
  12. Thanks Lexis. I will get Rory's letter printed and send it recorded tomorrow. Just want to get them out of my life! Al
  13. Hi Rory and everyone was wondering if someone could check out this reply from RBS (visa card) and advise what my next step is. Was thinking about trying Rory's letter. I know the cannot enforce the debt in court but I would imagine they will keep pestering me. My aim is to get as good as Full and Final settlement as possible and thereby have the default "satisfied" Balance is £10k and I'm on reduced payments of £50 per month direct to RBS. Can someone also clear up whether they can only default once on the account? The default was registered April 08? Reply below:
  14. Can anyone help with what my next step is with this? Which letter should I send?
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