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  1. yes they bought the debt from capital one. If they decide to take me court well so be it.
  2. i am getting the impression that I should just ignore these idiots as there is no way I can pay what they want. So I say to them take me to court. What do you all think?
  3. and another for the other page http://i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss49/davidbrooks38/Picture005.jpg
  4. ok hope you can do something with this: Pictures by davidbrooks38 - Photobucket thx
  5. I don't think the image is that good, if it is not, let me know and tell me how to get it on here. this is a photocopy not the original contract.
  6. hi there again I finally managed to scan my cca, i have attached to images of the agreement. thx
  7. thank you very much, I will scan the information today for you all to read.
  8. I recently received a photocopy of my CCA which had my signature, I thought that due to the reason they have me, someone from lowell group contacted me and wanted to arrange payment of the debt. Being silly and vulnerable I decided to give them my income and expenses and they want £118 per month which I cannot pay as I am on disability benefits. There is no way I can pay this amount as they say if I do not pay they will take me to the county court. I know that I owe money and I should pay, but not at this amount per month. Is there any advice thx.
  9. it is for a bill relating from 3 mobile it was passed from buchanan and wells for £91.00 but i have already paid £20 off it
  10. I had a letter with a leaflet from this company saying that if I do not pay they will proceed with recovery procedures. So can they send baliffs to my address without a county court order? I appreciate some advice thx
  11. thank you everyone for your kind advice it nice to know that there is a forum to share with others and get some sound advice. I am going to send the cca request as soon as I get a new printer cartridge. i might come and ask what do if they do send me a court summons.
  12. ok thanks, so do dcas take people to court and what if I want to contest the claim. If I decided to accept the claim and avoiding the baliffs. I am disabled and currently unemployed so I can only offer them so much a month.
  13. thank you for the advice i have asked them for a signed contract between myself and red and lowell group.
  14. Hi I being chased by this company for a debt that I owe capital one, I have sent the letters stating that the debt I owe is with capital one and I have no signed contract with the debt company, but they still harrass me. I also asked them to send me a statement on what I owe which I got a copy from them. They also sent me a letter saying that they bought the debt from capital one. Now has anyone had them taking them to court, threatning to send baliffs and making someone bankrupt. Some advice will be appreciated
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