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  1. We are already on interest only payments. My OH is now claiming JSA although we haven't had a letter from them yet - only verbal confirmation from the Job Centre that he will be receiving £60 a week. I thought you couldn't apply for it until you have been claiming JSA for 3 months or is this wrong?? We will be paying the reduced rate again this month and will keep this up for as long as necessary. It is so galling. Everytime we call someone up because we can't pay, all we are told is that it's such a shame as we're such good payers but they still don't want to help us. We had to call
  2. No, I receive Incapacity Benefit. I've been chronically sick for about 10 years so get it at the long-term rate.
  3. Hi Guys Received this from Lloyds TSB re our CCA request: I am so sorry that we have not yet been able to respond to your complaint in detail. We are still actively looking into it, but at the moment we are not able to provide you with our answer. I should explain that you are entitled at this point to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), if you are unahppy with the delay. I have enclosed a leaflet about the FOS which explains what they do and how to contact them. Whatever you decide, you have my assurance that we are investigating the concerns
  4. Hi We have a mortgage with BM Solutions (Birmingham Midshires). We moved here 2 years ago but were with them at our old property too. In all we've been with them for about 8 years and NEVER missed a payment or been late paying them. Our mortgage is a self-cert as my OH was self-employed when we took it out. The played silly b*****s with it when we movbed and we ended up having to take a top-up of £17000 until August 2007 and then the whole lot was placed on a new product. Hence, we are fixed until August this year at 6.5% or thereabout. After that, we revert back to a variable rate which
  5. Thanks to all of you. I will take your advice and let you all know how we get on. Thanks again
  6. Hi After much soul-searching, my OH has finally bitten the bullet and signed on. He has been out of work since the end of February and is actually owed £2000 in back pay which it is looking increasingly unlikely he will get. When he went for his interview, he was told that we would get Income-Based JSA as I am registered disabled, we have my 3 children living with us and he also pays £320 a month towards his own children who live with his ex-wife. We were also told it would be backdated to the 28 February which was his last official day at work. He's been told today that we will o
  7. That's a good idea, I'll do that as well. Thanks
  8. Yes, done it today. Been alot going on with hubby's job (now not been paid for 5 weeks - getting a bit desperate now!!!). Will let you know how I get on.
  9. Received this from R Way today. I believe it's just another 'pay up or else' tactic but can someone just take a quick look and reassure me. thanks
  10. Don't know if I'm in the right place but I've got a question on behalf of my OH's boss. If a company is limited and they don't pay their PAYE contributions on time for whatever reason, are the directors personally liable and can they be fined or sent to prison?
  11. So maybe a complaint to the FOS to start with then...
  12. I sent the following letter which I got from someone else's thread. Can't remember whose. I write with regards to the above account with your organisation and in reply to your letter dated ..... I respectfully request that you provide me by return,a copy of the credit agreement which bears my signature. I require this as I have reason to believe that there may be discrepencies within the agreement which may leave it improperly executed. Obviously, if the agreement is improperly executed I would be entitled to ask the court to consider the agreement and make a declaration of
  13. Hi 42Man Which track would you suggest?
  14. Hi Guys Received this today from Crap One: Thank you for writing back to me about your request for us to provude you with a true copy of your credit agreement. As I've already explained, in accordance with section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Consumer Credit (Cancellation and Copy Documents) Regulations 1983, we've provided yo with a copy of your original agreement, andif any terms have been varied, then the copy agreement will include the updated terms. In addition, your personal details, the signature box, signature and date of signature were omitted from the c
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