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  1. i need some advise please. i have had a low score in the past which dont really know what for as nothing shows up on my credit report and my own bank refused to give me CC but i ended up with a barclay card initial and it has now been around 5 months and i think i have spent around £600 on it and all payments have been made in full every month. i want to know how long before i can switch to a 0% card and if i do get one will my credit be effected if i only pay minium amounts every now and then ?
  2. i wrote to equita requesting the above info and they sent me a letter saying the they do not hold a copy of the liability oder and can be obtained through Westminster. they have charged me £42.50 with their statuary visits and my file is with the enforcement officer. i have also written to the council stating that it very unfair to request for me to pay the whole debt in such a short period of time and also sending the account to the bailiff. as i have on several occasions proposed a payment plan. do i keep ignoring equita and what do i do with the council?
  3. what do i do with the coucil and their demand of £77 a month for my 1st account ? i just canot affod this amount on top of my current coucil tax plus all my bills and loans and etc.
  4. the 1st account has been sent to equita and they keep sending letters demanding payments ! the council refused my £35 a month for both accounts. passed 1st account to equita and 2nd account they want £76 a month. what are my options and what can i do please ????????????????
  5. can i complain against the council for doing this to me? would really appreciate some help on this matter
  6. thanx for the reply and here r all the answers; 1. £408 2. £468 for 2 sep accounts 3.westmister coucil tax 4.no and not as far as i know 5. on top of this years C?T i offered £35 with my current earnings againts outgoings
  7. i had a problem with them last year which i manage to sort out and claim some money back. now they are on the scene again trying to claim another account. i have the full payment letter in 24 hours required letter. the account is for last year’s c/tax. i had been in touch with Westminster and tried to arrange a monthly plan which they refused and then they sent me an earning certificate or something to find out all my incoming and outgoing salary which i sent back and they again refused my payment plan. they then sent my employers demanding a payment of £180 which it did not get though to my
  8. hi i don't have a a bad credit history but not getting any credit for some reason. have checked my files but nothing found so i'm trying to apply for a barclay intial card and want to get some advise to see if they r any good at buliding credit score and good to have in general.
  9. these are net charges building up over a number of years. no bailif involved any more.
  10. i have had along history with equita and after ages and ages my account was reveert back to westminster. i had paid equita quiet a lot of money but i know i have something around £400/500 outstanding. i received a letter saying i owe about £800 + something but i wrote to them saying it shoudl be around £400/500. i now recevied a letter demadning full payment within 14 days ! there is no way i can pay all that and the most i can pay is my current charge of £43 + £20/30 toawrds the arrears. all advise most welcome
  11. can some one please post a short let tenancy agreement template or let me know where i can DL one fast thanks
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