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  1. 1245 - still no call. I have just called them and the call cdentre is escalating the case and they will call me back within an hour - I have told them that if I have not heard from them by 1315 I will have no choice but to assume the worst that my NI numbe4r has been stolen and to report the situation to the police.
  2. Having worked for 20 years, in January I fell sick and have spent some time in hospital. I was told to register for ESA which I did, This worked fine until the contractor, Atos Origin lost my ESA50 form (a questionairre you complete which allows Atos to decide if you are fit enough to return to work despite what your consultant or GP might think). My condition is debilitating but with an operation, can be cured - I am on a waiting list. I was contacted by the DWP in May and told that becauseI had not returned my ESA50 I was deemed fit to work and my benefits stopped. I called to
  3. I've been in a similar situation - the problem is that if you are on JSA, have to go on to ESA and then back to JSA it is a nightmare so complex that even the DSS employees are confused by it. The whole system is tilted towards long term benefits and JSA cannot cope with those ill for 1-6 months - temorarily....your situaiton doesn't surprise me - I'm not recommending that you do this but consider sending in a letter informing them that you are surprised that they have continued to pay you housing benefit whilst you were sick as you clearly informed the JSA at the time of the ESA that you were
  4. What has happened to me this week has shaken my belief systems so mch that I am on the verge of becoming a bolshevik. In October last year I finished my last contract, because we had some cash in the bank and there is usually a 3 month hiatus I decided not to register as unemployed as we were able to support ourselves - mistake number 1. By January I was seriously ill and in hospital for most of January, upon discharge I applied for incapacity benefit and after a week was denied because I had not made enough National Insurance Contributions, and therefore had to claim Employment and
  5. right, just had a chat with my godfather who is a senior court of session judge in the high court in Scotland, he said - don't ignore this but bombard them with letters, cc them to the court and copy them all - they are out of order on several points and threaten them with significant expenses should you win. They won't have the ability to cope with the flood of letters and will back down and if they do't then hey - a trip to London for you and the wife paid for by the DVLA
  6. question of jurisdiction surely not of transfer. This is a summons - under English law a summons can be posted through the regular post. Under Scots law a summons that is not formally serve by a court officer is not a summons and has no legal status - under scots law I can ignore this. I've just spoken to the court in Essex who told me that I could defend in writing but the 'excuse' that 'posted it but they didn't get it' would likely be thrown out by the magistrate - I told them that if that was the case then I would certainly be attending the court as the DVLA are required to prove that
  7. yeah, thanks I have read it but the issue is not that I know that I would win but that I have to travel 400 miles there and back to do so - is there anyway I can deal with this remotely? cheers
  8. Hello all, I need some advice pls about the following: This morning I got a summons from Havering Magistrates Court in Essex for unpaid road tax on a car I sold 19 months ago. I just called the enforcement centre and was dealt with by an infuriating man. I told him that I sold the vehicle nearly 2 years ago and therefore was not liable. I had returned the V5 in good faith to the DVLA by post and given the green slip to the new owner. I cannot recall if I received an acknowledgement slip that I had disposed of the vehicle. He told me that I should have called them with
  9. well, I got a copy of an earning arrestment today - fair enough BUT the employer is not my employer. They have assumed I work somewhere I don't and have therefore shared information, confidential information with a 3rd party. Surely this is a breach of Data Protection, I highlighted this to them but they just didn't get it! - any ideas - I'm going to write to them but is this usual - anyone else had this experience BTW this is the 2nd time they have done this to me 3 years ago they pursuded me at Scottish Widows when I didn't work there either - strikes me that their litigation
  10. Folks, your assistance is required. My uncle recently passed away. Yesterday, my aunt went to the clydesdale Bank in Glasgow where they have a joint account. She told them that he died last week. The teller demanded all his credit cards and debit cards and the bank then took £3000 out of their joint account to pay off an unsecured loan in my uncle's name. Now from my understanding this sounds rather dodgey. Surely on death (and there is a will) the executor (my aunt) is required to apply probate and therefore any claim the bank have on the estate is dealt with in strict order:
  11. ok - I have spoken to a nice lady at the National Debt Helplilne who suggested that I appeal myself as there is nothing to lose. So, I have contacted the court who have sent me form N164 - apparantly I need to ask permission to appeal.... question for you legal seagulls - if I lodge an appeal can the claimant still take action or does he have to wait for the appeal? cheers
  12. sadly, I have decided that I will have to pay this guy off - I am bitterly dissapointed as I simply do not owe him what he is claiming. An English Court with no jurisdiction has made a judgement against me and is ignoring the issue of jurisdiction: This situation is particularly galling here's why: in the summer of 2007 XXXXXX contact me following an RTA which happened when I was driving one of their vehicles - here was minor panel damage. As I had waived the insurance excess I was liable for this and agreed to pay it. What then happened is that XXX sent a demand for some £4500 of repai
  13. I spoke to a very expensive Sol last year who made a £500 per hour living off this issue - he said it was staggering how jurisdiction is not understood in England. I'm very frustrated by this - essentially due to incompetancy I am faced with a costly legal battle - but hey so are lots of folk here
  14. personally I want to fight the guy- Am furious with the English court - thier judgement is incompetant purely because the judge could not be arsed to look into the jurisdiction issue - if I end up running up 20k it is the principle at stake here and what is more I have a good case
  15. kaalmac- you are not thie only one in this situation. On Friday my application to have a CCJ set aside was thrown out by a judge who did not accept the argument of jurisdiction despite paragraph 3 and depsite the judgment having been obtained by default as the case was never served on me in the first place. 2 previousl judges in England have thrown the claimant's claim out on jurisdiction but this latest ruling sets me back. I now face a lengthy and expensive appeal with no gaurantee I will be able to claim my costs. seems there is no justice - all I want is the opportunity to b
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