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  1. thanks for all the advice and help.... i phoned up the DVLA and they said i could go and pick up a copy of my counterpart from them tomorrow... a lot of expense and trouble, but i dont want to risk going to court over something minor.... will teach me to keep my papers safe!!! thanks again....
  2. hi, i had a producer after a minor traffic accident on xmas eve, and have not been able to find my counterpart driving licence, i took the rest of my documents, insurance etc to my chosen station, but the policeman would not even look at them without my counterpart..i have since ordered a replacemnet, but due to the xmas break it will not be here on my final 7th day (friday) i was told if i couldnt produce it would go to court... is there a chance it will be dropped if i produce the full licence at court..ans was the police station correct in refusing to check my MOT and insurance papers as w
  3. hi..hope i'm in the right section! anyhow just recieved a letter today form "spratt endicott" solictors who are acting on behalf of CDISCOUNT who have gone into liquidation... heres just the 1st paragraph.. "we act on behalf of the above mentioned client who has instructed us concerning the ammount due to them for 67.00 in respect of a payment failed or declined by your bank/card issuer..." it does go on with i have to pay in 7 days or esle etc... but there is no mention of what the payment is for, no dates etc nothing!! i have orderd a few items form cdiscount which you can pa
  4. thanks for the pm hallowitch, i have sent you one back with some details, its good to know there are many people willing to give good advice and a helping hand to those who need it...
  5. hi again, thanks for the links seanamarts and hallowitch, i checked up and he is certified untill 2011, so he is above board on that point, but his actions and way of doing things are anything but!! so would my gf need to write to bristow and sutar and ask them for a breakdown of charges and how they came to £510 frm a debt of £320? what are the 1st steps of at least trying to reclaim some of the costs back...
  6. hi again hallowitch, i now have the recipt with me, the debt is in fact a joint debt to my gf and her hubby its in both their names, so i dont know why they decided to just chase my gf, easy target maybe... anyhow its form bristow& sutor, and all its says on there is amount paid £510 for council tax + costs, is has no breakdown for the extra 180 they put on top.. they verbally told my gf it was for the van coming out and the 30 min wait... they also told her if she didnt pay they could call out a locksmith to gain entry... i have the refernce numbers and the bailifs name wh
  7. hi, thanks for the help and words of support... i'm not seeing her till saturday, and i'll be back here on monday with all the details you requested, i shall bring the reciept back with me..... many thanks again, i will let her know she is not alone...
  8. no, they never been to her house, this one or her last one before, this was the 1st time they have showed up, hence the reason why she panicked and paid them.... i saw her last nite and she was a real state, she just didnt want them coming in and taking her stuff in front of her 3 young lads.... its disgracefull what these bully boys can do...
  9. hi, thanks for the reply, she paid the 320 council tax owed, £50 for the 30min wait while she went to the bank and 130 for the call out with the van and them ready to remove her stuff... these companys seem to be able to get away with what is clearly unjust,
  10. hi... 1st thread on here, hope its in the rite section...anyhow i had a txt off my gf while at wrk saying the bayliffs has just turned up demanding £500 for a £320 council tax debt on her previous home,they were due last week & did not show up... she was in a state and stupidly withdrew all her money she had and paid them, theycharged on top of the 320 the hire of the van, and £50 for every half hour they were waiting for her to collect the money frm the bank!! my gf is not working and has 3 children at home all under 16, i do not live with her... surly this is against the law? is th
  11. thanks 4 the reply, bit of a con that by virgin, shud really b my choice if i want to upgrade or degrade my package after the 1st year...anyhow where i am goin cable is not installed in the area... there is a bt connection but that would mean having to sign up and pay bt just for a line rental, which is even more cost i cant now afford...so if virgin cant provide the service would this be a way out or can they insist i have the bt line installed and use the phone line service?
  12. hi, been with virgin media a few years now, but in march this year i had to lower my services to a lower payment, due to change in my personnal circumstance....anyhow i am now moving home and i have requested to end my contract, but to my suprise i was informed that having reduced my payments/services in march this put me back into a new 12mth contract, even though i did not sign or have any new paperwork come through....can they do this and am i now tied for this new contract even though i no longer will be having the service? any help please..thanks
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