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  1. just read the post 'why you shouldnt use section 77/78 CCA 1974 if you want the signed agreement' ..... now i am confused, do I CCA MH or what? Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  2. Hi All, Have not heard from MH for a while and they stopped chasing my sister after she wrote to them. However, today I received a letter from Meritforce informing me of the forthcoming AUTHORISED COLLECTOR VISIT. Will be sending out a couple of letters tomorrow morning, the 1st to Muppetforce informing them they are not welcome on my doorstep and the 2nd to MH requesting a copy of the CCA they are trying to collect on. Guess this is the right way to go ???? Thanks in advance, TBT
  3. A bump on this one .... Have not heard back from the DCA re: the CCA, so, as the DCA received the CCA request on the 10/3, would the 12 working days start on the 11/3 and therefore the account became in dispute on the 26/3 ?? I need to write to them today and would like to be 100% correct in my dates. Thanks
  4. Why is it 12 + 2 and not 14 days? Thanks
  5. Hello, Just going back to my 1st post, I sent a CCA request that arrived with the DCA on the 10/3 .... the 12+2, is that 14 days from when it arrived or 12 from when it arrived as the +2 are for postage? Please can some kind sole confirm? Thanks, TBT
  6. Hi, A DCA has asked me to fill out a financial statement by the end of this week, or court, etc. My concern is, they want my employment info. If they call my company and say 'this is bla bla DCA, does TBT work for you and earn £1.50 / month' my work life will be hell. Can I add a covering letter baring them from contacting my work if I offer to provide proof of income? And would that work? Any advice? Thanks in advance. TBT
  7. bump to see if anyone has any advice on when to write to MH to stop them calling my sister, post #8. Thanks
  8. no, last year i make some payments to another dca who were chasing this account. I did not know about this site then and they got me at a bad time and I crumbled ......
  9. About 7 years ago, I moved in with my sister for a few months, between selling my house and moving in to a new one. After moving out of her house, I forwarded my new info on to CC companies, etc. Anyway, I visited her yesterday and she told me that Mac Hall had started to call her every 4 - 5 days asking for me, she said I have not lived there for years, however she would tell me they called next time we spoke. Each time they called her, their tone was getting more and more angry. The last time they called, they called 2 days in a row. The 2nd time, MH spoke with her OH and said the
  10. Hi, I had 2 accounts at Lloyds TSB, one personnel and one company account. Both at the same branch and with the same manager. Dispite working myself into the ground, the company was forced into bankruptcy by a creditor. I had signed a lot of guarantees for the company with LTSB (but thats another story). A while after, I was advised to move my personnel account as the LTSB manager would not by my "bestest friend" anymore, as the bank took a small hit (compaired to mine) when the company went under, and as a result, would not get a fair ride from LTSB! I was also getting aro
  11. I had made some payments last year to a different DCA who was chasing this debt. I was my first dealing with a DCA and I crumbled as they started to get very heavy (on the phone) ..... it got me so down, then I thought, well come and get me and stopped any payments. I guess then they sold the debt on. Then I found this site and it has helped me alot.
  12. Since my responce to MH in reply to their 'Failure to respond - notice' I have not heard from them, which is unusual as they normally try to keep intouch with me twice a week !! So, In your experience, are MH & 1st Credit: Going to sell the debt on and start the cycle going again with someone else? Get a copy of the CCA off their own back, then get heavy? Just get heavy anyway and hope I crumble? I have not acknowledge the debt with them .... should I just hang back or go back with, if you think its mine, a CCA please. If it is the debt I think it is
  13. Hello, I sent a DCA a CCA request on the 9/3/09 which they received on the 10/3/09 and received a letter on the 11/3/09 from them, saying the 'account with them' is on hold, whilst they wait the requested information to be sent to me, by their client (who are not who I signed the credit agreement with, some 17 years ago). So ..... If the company who hold the debt do not have the CCA, what is stop them selling this debt to someone else before the 12+2 days have passed and the whole cycle starts again? Or, if I do not receive a true copy of the CCA on or before the 30/3 (corr
  14. Hello, Last month I received a ""We are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter’"" letter from MH, I replyed with "My names is spelt different to what is in your letter and I am not telepathic, so what do you want and maybe I can help" I then received a ""Failure to respond - notice"" from them. They say I have not responded and they have linked a debt with credit 1 to me via credit reference agencies. I responded with, "I have contacted you, I have never signed a credit agreement with 1st credit and therefore, do not acknowledge the debt. Lookin
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