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  1. I would if house prices were not shooting up in my area. A property bought last Nov for £135 is now £179. ( research on sold prices) So another 4 months rather than 2 could cost a lot more.
  2. So they could send me a default and not issue it to my credit file untill months later. Makes a mockery of the 6 year rule
  3. Well it does as it is about to be wiped off my report. Would help me for that to be August not October as wish to apply for a mortgage. I have a credit score of 450. I would not want a default to prevent a mortage when the date is 2 months out.
  4. Hi I have a default dated 26th October 2009 on my credit report. The default was actually issued 26th August 2009. Can I get this changed. or do they report a default as 2 month later for some reason. With thanks
  5. ok thanks will not be a mug anymore!
  6. Hi could someone please tell me if i need to send a request to moorcroft for the original credit card agreement if i have already done so to the original creditor. moorcroft have told me that under oft guidelines i need to send one to them so they can request it from oc
  7. hi moorcroft keep writing to discuss a reduced offer yeh right They ask me to ring to speak to tem about payment i do not ring i think if they had an agreement they would have sent one morrcroft is the 7th DCA to chase this it got passed on everytime i sent a cca request letter to them
  8. thanks Silver fox hope the above link works
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?192622-tesco-cca&highlight=
  10. help have i posted in the correct forum?
  11. i have not paid orriginal cc for 15 months +
  12. Hi Moorcroft are now chasing me for a creditcard debt. numerous dca have tried and given up i wrote to moorcroft asking for the original cc agrrement as i have the originally supplier and numerous other DCA s i have never recieved an enforcable agreement just an application form. i also wrote to moorcroft askin them to contact me via letter only, which for a cople of months they have. i have recieved a call yesterday but i refused to give security over the phone. the debt hasnot been sold. All
  13. Hi Just had telephone call from moorcroft, only recieved a letter from them on Saturday. They think i should have had time to respond within one working day. have you had any calls
  14. hi I have exactly the same as you triton green RMS westminster . Todat recieved a letter from Moorcroft. They must have had a batch from tesco
  15. I too have received a letter from RMA saying i have been selected for a reduced settlement offer how kind. I have to ring them too. Have already sent bemused letter to them. wondering what to do next?
  16. Hi I am having trouble locating the bemusedd letter Any ideas Thanks
  17. have you had experience of them
  18. Who are they and are they a actual legal company
  19. Update Tesco passed on to triton then green and co sennt bemsued type letter they have now written to say thay have passed back to Tesco
  20. yes have a tread tesco credit card dont want collectors on doorstep have sent triton no enforceable aggreement letters etc they never mention any letters i send just ring us to offer payment letters etc
  21. Cold some please explain the legal requirements for companies to pass/ sell on debts. debt with tesco passed to triton they are now threatening to send a debt collector to my door. Would this debt have to have been sold on ? How do i know who the third party is? ETc Thanks
  22. Hi l;ooks like we are at similar stage have received 3rd letter from triton they have ignored all my previous letters stating no cca etc blah blah they are now threatening to visit me think they may be in breach of OFt guidelines on many points
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