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  1. Hi. I sent a letter of to capital bank. Now rbs. I have just got a reply saying I have to take it up with the place i got the car from - car giant. Is this correct. What would be my next step. Many thanks
  2. Hi. Thanks. When I say how I was mis sold do I have to prove I was. I was a 17 year old and felt pressured into buying all the insurances. Must have seen me coming. The fact I got sold a warranty wrongly too. Thanks
  3. Hi on the 7th of april 2005 i brought a car. I got it over 3 years with ppi. When I brought it I was sold a expensive warranty which I have since claimed back for as I was mis sold that too. it was a 6 month old car. I was told i wouldnt get the car due to being on a low wage and would need the ppi. who do i write to? the car dealership who sold me the car or the loan provider? Or is it too late due to being slightly older then 6 years. Many thanks
  4. hi thanks for the reply. i have been busy so not been looking here. i first went to the show room at night and they couldnt tell me if i got the loan or not, so the bloke said they will put it through in the morning and phone me up, i got accepted and went the following evening to sign the paper work. little did i know it was gonna cost me loads in ppi. i wasnt told anything about the loan ect. the loan amount was £5600 and ppi £1030 i paid for my ppi with a loan that was then added to the hire purchase loan. there isnt a box that says total amount payable inc the ppi and loan, is t
  5. when i brought it i trusted the seller, he said if any of the things you are covered for go wrong you will be covered, now if i had phoned up 6 months later and said excuse me my head gasket has blown, i would have been told your not covered as it is still under warranty with vauxhall. like it says in the small print. i dont have time to read the small print as you "trust" the seller isnt going to sell you something, a you dont need, b u are not eligable and cant use. therefore i shouldnt even have be sold it. yes i should have picked it up earlier but thats not the point, the point is i shou
  6. thanks for all your replys. I just think that it was mis sold. what was the point of getting the extra warranty if I couldn't claim for a year and a half. I wasn't told about this. its just like ppi. instead of selling it to ppl that are unemployedand them claiming it back. I was sold something I wasn't eligible for. what will my next step be. gareth
  7. hi. i brought a year old car 2 years ago. with it i was asked if i wanted a 3 year gold covered warranty which i agreed to. now the other day i was reading through the warranty book and it says faults which occur during the period of guarantee of a manufacturer or supplier or items which are subject to a manufacturers recall. the car had a standard 3 year manufacturers warranty. in my eyes this means the extra warranty is void for 2 years till the manufactuers one ran out. does this mean i have been mis sold and they shouldnt even have offered me it. Thanks for your help
  8. hi, i have a car on finace and i was sold ppi with it. added to the loan and paying 40£ each month for it. i didnt no it was added to the loan and paying interest on it. the sales guy never told me. he never really went into details. he just said if i remember right, if im ill it would be covered. do you think i have a claim. Thanks
  9. hi all. im after some advice. i went through all the letters ect and hsbc still didnt pay up. so i filed court action. a couple days later i got a letter from hsbc dated about 2weeks before offering me the money. great. i accepted and left it at that. today i got a letter for court proceedings. how do i cancel the court. thanks. by the way it was for £2000 and they paid all. thanks for all your help
  10. hi. i have a finance on this car i have had it for 21 months and been paying £167 a month. in that 167 there is £33.64 for credit care. what is creditcare for. can i cancel it? i have the option to give the car back once i have paid £3944.02 does this figure include the credit care or is it just £134.19 a month. im going to phone up for a settlement figure this morning. my money situation has changed and i dont want and cant afford this car anymore. what would be the easy way of getting rid of the thing? also what happens with the warrenty that i have on it with a seperate loan? than
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