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  1. no ive just done this , have i posted in the wrong place
  2. ok cheers how far down the line are you with them
  3. ok thanks for that, are people still getting success with these claims do you know. I ve read that mbna can be areal pain, and the thought of all the phone calls and hassles worries me but i m hoping there s a light at the end of the tunnel
  4. yes but any idea what i should send to them obviously they wont be be happy if we just stop paying which is the best letter to send
  5. i ve sent a letter to capital one requesting a signed cca and they replied sending me a copy of the terms and conditions only not sure what letter to send next ive also sent the same letter to mbna requesting a signed cca and have no response they are well over the time limit we gave them what is the next course of action. there are so many letters on here just not sure which us the best way forward, should we stop paying them or carry on, at the moment we are paying over £300 a month to mbna. its taken us ages to pluck up the courage to send the first letter but things are gettin
  6. I wrote to cap 1, M and S, and MBNA, requesting the signed cca. M and S wrote back saying they could not prove who I was as I had not signed the request letter. I already have a reply organised for them. Capial one sent me an unsigned copy of their terms and conditions. Which is the best reply for this one? Finaly, the most confusing is that mbna have not replied at all and a reply is now well overdue. I repay them over £300 a month so should I stop, and if so should I tell them why first, and in writing? The original letter I sent was by registered. Indeed should I stop paying all of them.
  7. do i just ignore the letter what will happen next
  8. i ve finally managed to pluck up courage and challenge the M & s credit card agreement, this was originally a stor card and now is a credit card i ve requested a statement of account and they are asking for a signature to prove who i am, what letter should i be sending next. surely they know who i am as they ae writing to me
  9. we ve finally summoned up the courageto challenge our credit cards, just had response from m & s saying they cannot release the requested info unless they have a signature for security , we sent them postal orders and didnt the sign the first letter what do we do next please
  10. thanks feelin better already
  11. my hsbc previously access card has got to be 20yrs old aswell
  12. this one just for mbna? or for others too.
  13. ok will do that, although Mbna is our biggest amount owing and biggest bug bear have you any experience of these.
  14. do u suggest we tackle all the cards at once or one at a time, i thought the older ones were more likely to be wrong, dont know why. I do appreciate your advise.
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