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  1. Hi there i had an interview under caution a couple of weeks back and was told i would probably have to attend another one... Does anyone know what happens on these or has anyone had one?
  2. He still sleeps at mates house but can not declare it because most of his friend are on benefits and if somone comes to live in his place they would have issues with their benefits. This is also a problem of ours. no-one seems to want to get involved. Im not a theif nor ever have been. Were due to get married (him proving his comitment to us) and i know thats why they started sniffing around. I feel suicidal over this, it would ruin my career if i was convicted. I feel like ive got a loan shark or something on my back, id just rather pay it back and be left alone!
  3. Im in almost the same situation ive actually felt suicidal. Im actually back with my partner now but as it looks on paper that we were infact a couple i dont see how i can make them understand we wernt. she was putting words in my mouth and i cried for the most part of the interview. My problem is that my partner was with another girl, at her parents for some of the time and the fact hes now back with me - well, she will NEVER back that up and he had no bills there. such a mess
  4. No when he EVENTUALLY moved in, yes i informed tax credits and what not. its not that HE wont provide the details of where he lived its just the girl he was with is under no circustances going to back it up!
  5. so is it worth me attending the next one with a legal rep or not do u think?
  6. i was on income support for about 6 months. i said to her that i know no matter what i say they dont believe me and if this is the case i am willing to pay back what i claimed as im terrified of court. the point is, he never actually moved in with me! obviously he stayed over at mine but to be honest i never came to mine with a bag of clothes and what not! she implied that he paid my bills, HE DIDNT! everything i have is on payment card so as it was i wasnt bothered that these were in his name, not that i even remembered that they were (barring the tv license). as i said, he lived with hi
  7. It was awful, they had bank statements, finance agreement, letterfrom electricity provider etc.... In all fairness it does indeed look like (on paper) that my partner was indeed living with me at the time but he really wasnt! he was with another girl (at least one that i know of) on and off and constantly cheated on me whilst i was always wanting him to be with me and our daughter. He arranged for me to go on e-on elec supplier therefore its in his name (its key and card payments). i couldnt afford to pay my TV licence so he rang and arranged for it to be in his name so i didnt owe any ba
  8. Hi Thanks for all the advise. Everyone keeps mentioning i may get my benefit stopped, but the point im making is i havn't claimed benefits for over 5 months!
  9. so even though i left the account in debt?!!!!! i wish i new this a couple of months ago!
  10. when i was with yorkshire bank they used to charge me rediculous amounts each flaming week so in the end i got fed up and started getting my wages paid into another account and left yorkshire at about £100.00 authorised overdrawn. i didnt pay this back and they have chased me for a couple of years for £465 which i was refusing to pay. Can i actually claim back my charges on this account? as if anything i could then afford to clear that debt?!
  11. bummer. im dreading it! he has had mail to my address in the past and has used my bank to have wages paid into when he has been overdrawn so would this be 'incriminating evidence'???
  12. Ive been asked to attend an interview under caution regarding my claim to income support.... i havn't been claiming housing benefit or income support for almost 5 months?!!!!! Do i have to go? i have an idea why... but if im right, they've really got it wrong! My partner and i split before our baby was born and i didnt see much of him nor really new where he lived (no fixed address) and couldnt contact him. i told CSA this and apparently they contacted him and he attended an interview butt they never got back to him after that (nothing to do with me) anyways last summer he popped bac
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