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  1. Hi Folks, I'm in the process of defending a CCJ for someone being pursued for Next Directory by Howard Cohen. I've obviously entered an emabrrassed defence stating that I havent had sight of any proof that the debt ever belonged to us, literally just had a claim form from them. Now the judge has ordered that I list everything that I want the claimants to disclose by wednesday. Letter came this morning, battered and opened so its obviously been held up somewhere. What exactly should I be asking for? Thanks guys so stressed and being sick and pregnant doesnt help! Thanks in advance
  2. Just realised this may need to be moved. So sorry mods. Had too many windows open at once!
  3. I've previously posted about this CCJ claim that the above are pursuing but I need to enter my defence today and thought a seperate thread may get more attention. I've Cpr'd them and they've responded this morning with a document entitled- 'credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974' of course its unsigned and the surname is spelt incorrectly (one letter missing) and this spelling mistake is common throughout all correspondence. Additionally they enclose a statement of account, and a letter from Next advising they will pass to a DCA and some responses to the initial C
  4. If it came down to a gurantee with the director.. should there be a CCA in that eventuality as essentially thats what would be needed for enforcement??
  5. It looks like she has but didnt know they could go after her personally as the box to sign says that for limited liability companies younger than 3 years the director/secretary must sign below. The defendant has stated that her company was over 3 years old but claimants sols are saying there is also a section just below the signiature box that says 'it must be completed some other circumstances'-it doesnt describe anywhere what these circumstances are however?? help! x
  6. Hi Everyone, I appear to have a mobile citizens advice set up in my lounge today and a very good friend of mine has asked, in desperation for help re her mum, the company director and a CCJ thats been applied for on the basis of non payment. Theres no credit agreement but a credit application form which is signed in the name of the business. The business has now folded and the claimants have come after her personally for the money. I've only just clapped eyes on it. I've only got the application notice from the claimants here at present-their relying on a witness statement of th
  7. HI Guys, A while ago I posted up about Howard Cohen issuing out of the Northampton bulk centre and put forward A CPR request and acknowledgment of service. This morning they have advised the following- Dear Mr name spelt incorrectly Re: Next Retail Ltd -v- Yourself I have been forwarded your e-mail below from one of our Partners, Michael McDonnell. After making enquiries with our client, I have been informed that they satisfied your s.78 CCA request last year by providing you a copy of a reconstit
  8. On behalf of Next. I've emailed complaints to the OFT, SRA and Attorney General re premature issuing and coercing people into paying up and i've CC'd Howard Cohens managing partner-Michael Mcdonald in. Shall get onto the AQ over the weekend as my head is about to pop now! Thanks so much for your help. i'll repost if i need any further help x
  9. Hi Everyone, My partner had a next directory account that we paid but then the minimum payment kept getting larger every month despite not purchasing anything. When next were queried they couldnt provide a reason and told us to 'just pay'. I then CCA'd them and we've been in a dispute for the last couple of months. Last week we had a letter from Howard Cohen saying we're going to issue if you dont pay-so I wrote back with an 'account in dispute' letter reminding them that they hadnt been able to provide a CCA. Today, papers from Northampton CC have dropped through our letterbox.
  10. Hi Everyone Im attempting to start a PPI claim for my mum who took out a manged loan in 2003 with subsequent amendments to the payment amount in 2005. Ive SAR'd HSBC and received literally a foot of screen shots so cant work out whether any charges applied. Additonally, Ive had a copy of the CCA which im not sure is enforceable or not. What do I need to look for? Also, how would I even find out if PPI has been applied? many thanks in advance x
  11. HI Everyone Ive just received the response to my mums SAR in relation to an old loan/overdraft, subsequent managed loan and possible PPI. The file of papers is massive and looks like screen print outs which I cant make head nor tail of. Where on earth do I start? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm an ex- CAB worker as it goes Hun and I've had a lot of training in DLA/the old IB50 forms so I applied what I knew to the ESA form. I filled it in very comprehensivley stating what would happen if I tried to do certain things or why I couldn't do certain things. Again using my worst day. It came easy to me as I was just getting over a 4 day stint in bed through my illness. No further submissions attached for my claim although I took all medication I had ever been given at the appointment. Good luck xxx
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