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  1. There is a solution It may be in your best interests that Ratio Money was actually paid. If you paid for the service using a credit card you can get a full refund under the CCA 1974. EDIT Breach of site rules- naming commercial company
  2. Hi Bbilly I would advise you to email xxxx they may be able to help you Good Luck
  3. Well I suppose you have to balance the issues. If you get a professional to do it for you 1. You will get your case properly prepared 2. The company will ensure your basis of claim is correct and consistant with all of the paperwork that relates to the loan 3. Your claim will be properly calculated and costed by a chartered accountant who will claim not only for the PPi policy the future remaining premiums, the interest charged on the policy and the statutory interest on payments actually made 4. All the document searches will be made and a pre action disclosure case brought should
  4. HI Sparkie I have had a look at your interest rate although you are being charged on a compound basis they have supplied a simple annual interest rate. I make it Monthly 1.17 Annual Simple14.04 Annual Compound 14.9796547 The fact that the agreement is variable the fact that there appears multiple breaches and incidence of sharp practice I think you would have a good chance to challenge your agreement. xxxx has a Solicitor who is very experienced in this area I think they charge £99.00 for a formal review of your agreement well worth a punt
  5. Start by recovering your PPI see my posts today that would be a large chunk
  6. The reason why it is so large is that you have probably been missold PPI. If you put in claim to recover the PPI it would halve the amount you would have to repay see my earlier post on what to claim for
  7. It looks like you have been mis-sold PPI cover. They fact that the insurance period and the loan period do not match is evidence that it has been misold. In addition the fact that it was not optional means that the amount should have been included in the APR and Total cost of credit anlaysis on the loan. I have detailed what you can recover on an earlier post today but essentially it is you insurance polcy cost paid the interest on the policy the future premium cost and furture interest portion on the PPI plus statutory interest of 8% on the payments actually made. I would imagine t
  8. The issues are as follows The PPI element of the Policy appears very strongly to have been missold. The policy would appear to be a single premium PPI policy. Hence that is the reason why you loan appears so large the lender has sold you an insurance policy and then lent you the mony to finance the purchase. In effect you have two loans your original one and one for your PPi policy. Your claim on the missold PPI policy will be for Repayment of the portion of each loan payment you have made in respect of the PPI policy Repayment of the interest portion of each payment made on the
  9. I have been informed that a number of Solcitors are having their Ratio Audit report reaudited by a firm called xxx . They are part of a claims management company called Bank Charge recovery Ltd
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