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  1. Yeah the finance were aware of the ccj and we're more concerned that it had gone to AoE. (Have to say this was my worry)
  2. I'm getting a car on finance and the fact I have it on payslip is causing it to stall
  3. So if I pay United utilities direct the amount can I ask them for proof to be faxed /emailed ?
  4. This is a very short question .. United utilities got a attachment of earnings and it shows on my payslip. As I have the funds to clear, do I just call them and they inform court that the order is paid and then it comes off my payslip.? In reality how long would it take ? I basically need payslips not to show the court order .
  5. Thanks for the reply dx - forms/letters are on route - fingers crossed !!!!
  6. Im preparing a claim against Welcome ...in a nutshell we had a secured loan for £2000 in 2001 that we then topped up in 2002 to £5000Both had the welcome Medicare/ppi included - we were not even given the option, we assumed it had to be included loan from 2001 was actaually cleared by the 2002 loan )the 2002 loan was pain in full in MAY 2008 Ive spoken to welcome they gave me a number to call - they said that there policy is that they DONT pay out on loand pre 2004so my question is - have i got any chance of a sucessfull claim ?
  7. ok in todays post i recieved Notice of issue of warrant of execution from northampton (cbbc) Urgent To the Defendant You have not made payment under the judgement you were ordered. The claimant has therefore asked for a warrant to be issued to the baliff to sieze and sell your goods. Unless you pay the amount due to the county court before 01.06.11 Total to pay 172.25 balance outstanding 2158.30 So im gonna pay the 172.25 but what happens to the rest. I didnt know i had already had a judgement passed i assued it was just a dca i was paying the 25 a month too.
  8. Ok Original debt was with alliance and Leicester Apparently it had gone to court and me missing the payments had led to it breaching the judgement, I wasnt aware of this untill I received a letter from court saying that judgement had been passed and warrant for seizure . Letter shoved through door is a half A4 note Has hm courts and tribunal service on the top left. Debt details Hand written on top right . And basically says I can only contact Mr ****** between 9 and 10 if payment not received i will incur costs for van to collect
  9. I've got myself in a right mess with a debt that untill recently I had under control Debt Is for a personal loan - warrant ha been issued as I missed a payment to the debt collector and now baliff is involved I owe 2k - I can't pay it in one go I just haven't got the cash- I have no goods that sold would generate that kind of money . Now the slip of paper he has shoved through the door says that the amount is only £172 . This I can pay at the end of the month an realistically I could pay that untill debt cleared .. I have spoken to baliff on phone - not a pleasant bloke on
  10. Tried calling the office before, they say that the debt has not been paid as it's in the baliffs hands, the bit I don't get is If it was in the baliffs hands on the 30/4 why on the 12/5 did they write to tell me how much I owed ( the amount I paid) T
  11. Baliff knocked on my door towards the end of 30th april, not knowing who it was. Anyway he told me that council tax arrea needed to be paid in the region of £340 but that I could settle up at the nd of the month... We then got a leter from equita dated the 12th May saying that our debt of £218 beeded paying which we did. Since then we continue to get threats of further action, goods to be siezed etc. At no point has anyone mentioned any outstanding monies. I have emailed equita to complain as its harrasment in my eyes for no reason. Can anyone suggest anything else ?
  12. Ok council agrees that Equita are n the wrong and have dropped the £200.50 charges and moved them onto liabillity order number 2. Which is a small moral victory for me.. Question.. Should I still report this on a form 4 so that others can be saved, Im thinking yes! Should I ask for intrest on monies that they took ?
  13. I think I have just noticed a glaringly obviuos mistake on the part of Liverpoool Council and Equita. In regards to the matter of the levy and enforment fees that according to Equita were issued on the 17th Feb 2009. Seems strange then that they should have hand delivered a 24 hour removal notice on the 16th Feb 2009 with the figure that takes into accounty the levy and enforement charges that were not applied until the next day. Does this not prove what a cheating and coniving compant Equita are?
  14. Cant wait to get the info from equita now, feels like they are stalling. HAd letters from the council who say that eveything they have seen is all above board...... BUT The figures dont add up they say that equita could not show the 487.09 as a credit and as such made it look like a charge to balance the books when they had to repay me the money. The coulncil say I have paid £1188.09 yet they say the total should be £1038.09 so thats a £150 difference straight off and I know that we have paid more than that just waiting for the proof. Oh and they say that the levy is correct bec
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