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  1. I have just finished completing form N208 part 8 which I will be taking to the county court on Friday, along with the fee of £150. I am trying to claim back 3 x deposit on behalf of my daughter and her other housemates as the LL failed to place her deposit into a TDS or did not provide prescribed info with in 14 days. They too have left the property, on 18 February 2009, and the LA is withholding some of the deposit to replace carpets that were already stained before they moved in. I have read through all the info on this site and received a lot of advice from other members. Will keep the foru
  2. I am trying to complete this claim form but am unsure who to include in the defendant section. My problem is that on the ASTA it gives me the landlords details (which are 4 people, 2 couples) but no address. They have a LA that deals with all aspects of the rental property, also on the ASTA it states "any notice you give to me(LL) by law or under this agreement must be given in writing and addressed to: (the name of LA & their address)". We have only ever dealt with the LA, the deposit was paid to the LA, so therefore wasnt it the LAs responsibility to place the deposit in one of the
  3. Only problem with sending the N208 to the rental property is that it is vacant so no-one will get the document. The LLs never visit and the LA looks after it for them. (the neighbour said that the property belonged to an elderly woman, when she passed away her 2 children inherited the house, they do not live locally. They just decided to rent the property out and found a local LA heanded the keys over and he deals with everything). If it says in the tenacy that the LA is dealing with matters for the LLs wouldnt it be easier to use the LA name and address. As its states on tenancy agreement "an
  4. With reference to issuing the form N208 to the defendant. I have the Landlords details, there seems to be 4 of them (2 couples) but there is no address for them. On the tenacy agreement it just says their names. But in the agreement it states "any notice you give me by law or under this agreement must be given in writing and addressed to: then they use the LA name and address." Therefore do I address the form N208 to the LA at their address or to the LLs (all 4 of them) care of the LA address. Also looking through the ASTA under tenancy agreement it states that the deposit is safeguarded
  5. Hi 'help me kick his butt' Do I need to issue the form N208 to the LA or LL, cos dont have any address for the landlord. Also may sound a bit daft but I am new to all this so when you mention take a look at my thread, how do I do that??? Sorry for my inexperience
  6. Okay will do. Can me daughter do it on behalf of the 3 of them or do they do it as a group or do they have to do it individually. How do we start proceedings, is it via the moneyclaimonline website, I see from your previous post I need to use form N208 (part 8) where do I get this from? Sorry for all the question, want to make sure all i's are dotted and t's crossed. Thanks for your help
  7. My daughter is also in a similar situation, so would be grateful for advice. This is what has happened:- My daughter and 2 friends rented a house on an assured shorthold tenacy agreement which started on 20 Feb 2008. They paid a deposit of £650, they have never received information as to where the deposit was being held. The property was not in a very good state of repair, so my husband took some photos and complied a pre-ocupation survey of the property to keep as a record. This was sent to the letting agent via email on 28th February 2008 along with photos. The girls decided to go
  8. Debit card. I paid the initial £50 deposit by my debit card and they subsequently used that towards the payment of photos, then my daughter paid £100 on the day via debit card.
  9. :-?I purchased a photographic makeover for my daughter and a friend for her 21st Birthday from Newidexperiences. They went along to the Cardiff studio on 21 Nov 2008 at the end of the setion they were shown photos taken on the day and given the opportunity to purchase some. They decided to purchase 4 and were charged £150 which they paid for before leaving the studio. They have still not received the photographs they have paid for 14 weeks ago. We have phoned newidexperiences on numerous occasions asking for the photos, they tell us they have emailed the IT department and are awaitin
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