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  1. Hi, Booked 2 tickets on Thursday 23rd July at 21:03 at www.airflights.co.uk to go to Egypt in November. The flights were the cheapest available at the time and I used airflights since they didn't charge a fee for debit cards. The flights were £750 and I later discovered they are Thomas Cook flights. I booked the flights and paid in full on my debit card and received email confirmation with a booking ref and the flight numbers but no e-tickets. The money has been taken from my card. The booking conditions were available for me to read before confirming the purchase- the first line says: - Full T&Cs here - Airflights.co.uk - Booking Conditions The 0871 number listed closes at 8pm on Friday so it was not available to me prior to making the booking. I was therefore not aware from the details provided: 30-Oct-2009 30-Oct-2009 MANCHESTER - HURGHADA 0900 / 1640 (TCX608K) Economy 06-Nov-2009 06-Nov-2009 HURGHADA - MANCHESTER 1800 / 2215 (TCX608L) Economy that the flight was through Thomas Cook and was 100% non-refundable. I need to cancel this flight but have had limited opportunity to speak to anyone at airflights (phone only available on Sat 9am-3pm) What are the chances of me being able to get a refund? Is it likely that the booking won't have been passed to Thomas Cook for the flight and I can get a full refund (less an Airflights admin fee of £20)? If I have to fight for this, I will so.... Could I argue that the full details of the flight were not advised to me prior to the booking since I was not told the airline, the non-refundability of the tickets or any other airline specific conditions? I have travel insurance booked online immediately after booking flights. Anyone any advice? I woiuldbe prepared to get a credit from Thomas Cook for another holiday for next year maybe?
  2. Hiya, Can I ask which insurance you used to be able to claim back the cost of the flights after you(?) cancelled them? I booked some flights on Thursday, found £250 cheaper flights on Saturday but flights are non-refundable from the airline. Looked through all insurance clauses on mine but couldn't find anything that might be able to help me get any money back. Not fussed about the tax, but £680 of the ticket price would be useful!
  3. Hi all, First, apologies if this should be somewhere else, if mods know of a better place please move it Right, I had/have a dispute with an online retailer due to breach of contract under the Distance Selling Regulations. Full details are here for those who are interested. The case went to court, the defendant (small online company) didn't turn up, or indeed communicate with the court after filing a defence back in October 08. The judge awarded judgement of £771 to me inc costs (£135 of court fees) The hearing date was on 18th Feb. I have not received a copy of the judgement so therefore I cannot take any further action. I intend to get at least the cost of the purchase back from the credit card company (Egg) under Section 75 but they have said they need a copy of the judgement but would be unlikely to refund court costs. The company I'm in dispute with obviously aren't playing ball and I suspect any attempts to enforce judgement through bailiffs wouldn't work... My question is, since the court have taken an unreasonable amount of time to process my judgement (8 weeks now) despite me calling them about it twice can I claim my costs back from them? They've already admitted to me earlier in the process (5th Nov - 15th Jan) that they'd lost my file and that's why it had taken so long for a hearing to be arranged after I filed my AQ and when I had my hearing the judge had none of my paperwork, only the evidence I'd submitted 14 days before the hearing. The service from the court (once it left MCOL in Northampton) has been shocking so if there's any way I can get my fees back (I'm not after compensation) then I'd really like to know... Equally, if theres any advice on Section 75 claims after court action when the retailer is still trading (I foolishly didn't put Egg down as a second defendant) I'd be very grateful. Many thanks, Alex
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