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  1. Ah, I see. Bit naughty when it's a genuine and unfortunate mistake. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Would anyone recommend I tell PE the truth about my unintentional 28 minutes overstay? I made the mistake of leaving my side lights on when leaving the car and went about mooching around the shops that are on the car park site. An hour later I returned to a battery with not enough juice to start the car and spend the remaining hour and a bit getting the bus back to grab another battery from home...
  3. I know this is an old one but I'd just like to say thanks to Ian for the uploaded template. Hopefully with some adjustments I can fashion an appeal to suit my predicament. First unfair parking ticket in 20 years of bloody driving!
  4. In addition to Peer Guardian don't forget to use Transport Encryption in either utorrent or Vuse..
  5. Not a sausage! Not sure which one of the useless A holes to approach to be honest, is it talktalk for disconnecting me before the change over date or is it Primus for requesting a disconnection while not being in a position to take up service without to much disruption? Whichever way it's looked at it's a very poor show indeed!!
  6. Finally got a connection date of 19/01/2012, they neglected to tell me the reason why I had been disconnected and left without service since the 27th Dec! Annoying!
  7. Yeah tried that. I don't think anything short of knocking on their door will do the trick! Apparently they rent line space from Talktalk so why it's taking so long I don't know..... doesn't excuse them from at least letting me know what's going on!
  8. Hi all. Looking for some advise regarding a change of BB supply. I filled out an application to change BB supply at the start of December (I was moving from Talktalk to Primus Saver) around December 27th my BB from talktalk ceased which is fair enough but since then I've not had any word from Primus regarding what's going on, their email support is a joke nobody replied and I can't get in touch with anyone by phone, I've waited for up 50 minutes on hold with nobody picking up. It's really starting to grate on me, 3 kids with no internet it's starting to driving me mad I don't
  9. Does anyone know how I would gain access to the contractors damage report, would I use Freedom Of Information Act or Data Protection Act, would I contact the contractors or the water-board? Personally I think it would be beneficial to have that to hand... another string to my bow.... maybe? Thanks all
  10. Guys, can I just add there seems to be a discrepancy over the first call. When the contractors finally turned up they told my sister that they never received the first calls from the WB, allegedly they only had 2 calls to inform them of the problem, the second call from me saying my kitchen is swimming in 3" of pooh get someone out and the call from my sis, so effectively its was more than 2 hours before the contractors knew about the problem, well that is if the contractors ain't covering their own back for the delay getting here? Anyway, we will plod on. I'm not giving up! Thanks t
  11. Hello all, I'm in a bit of a pickle here at the mo! Couple of days back I called up my water company at around 6.50pm because the manhole cover outside my house was overflowing with effluent and the water level in my downstairs toilet was very slowly rising, the operator said this would be a "4 hour call-out" which in retrospect seems quite odd seeing as this estate has kids playing about everywhere and the health implications don't bear thinking about. Anyhow at the time I thought nothing more about it and got handy with the bleach to try and sort my toilet out. Not long after I settled
  12. Ive also had a request for house insurance and the 25 quid charge for "looking over the policy" joke! It would help me and others if someone who has successfully reclaimed the dough to post up a letter template... Like most of us, I dont mind paying house insurance but I really do object to a 25 quid charge for looking over it!
  13. Not good with computers so I hope this works.... I'm with OHM for my mortgage, back in September 08 my fixed rate expired which is fine but since interest rate have fallen my mortgage payments have remained. My mate who's with BM (I think) and has a similar mortgage but his payments have dropped from 466 to 177 I was just wondering if anyone had a mortgage with these greedy gits who HAVE had a reduction to reflect the very low interest rates? Many thanks Bill
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