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  1. Thanks for the replies Bernie259 and Stigman it is much appreciated. I will let it go beyond the 6 years like you said stigman and glad to hear you are free from them now bernie259
  2. The devil has reared its ugly head again!!!! since I last posted on this thread I had many letters from cabot regarding this debt which I responded with I do not acknowledge this debt. The last letter they sent was in march 2010 then all went quiet. I have received a letter this week from cabot saying they are passing my account out to Mackenzie Hall ltd and in the same envelope a Letter from Mackenzie hall saying they have been instructed to recover the debt. Is this normal practise? Also come this October it would have been 6 years since I last made any payment although they had been writing to me till 2010 so does that mean the account wont be statute barred?
  3. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    Since I last posted the complaint was resubmitted again and the trust once again failed to respond by the given time frame. They once again asked for more time as they had been unable to gather the information needed to which we agreed . They have now informed us that all of mums notes have now gone missing. Where do we go from here? My sister in law has now submitted a complaint to the ombudsman (She is the one who submitted the original complaint on behalf of all the family) The complaint was not made with a view to obtaining compensation just answers.
  4. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    Thanks for the replys it is very much appreciated. I will apply for medical records first and see what they unearth if anything then just take it from there I guess. Thanks again all.
  5. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    Thanks Paul and once again all that have replied The complaint that we have put in and has reached its time scale was met with the response that since mum was mentally able to complain by her self our complaint has now been thrown out and since mum has died we need to resubmit the complaint. The question I now have is when we ask for all records etc do we ask in the same format of a SAR?
  6. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    Thank you all for your advice and kind words I very much appreciate it. At least now I have an idea of the first steps I need to take which is of great help. Thanks once again x
  7. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    This is in danger of being long winded so I will try to break it down as much as possible. Christmas eve my mum had a fall at home and was unable to get up as she was in so much pain. A ambalance took her to her local hospital where they gave her xrays and told her she had torn a muscle,they kept her in over night just to keep watch. Christmas eve they discharged mum even though she was unable to stand up we had to wheel her to the car in a wheelchair which they would not let us hire. On arrival to mums house we had to go and get a dinning room chair and carry her into the house as she was unable to walk. Mum spent the next 7 days at home unable to move from her armchair and having to do bodily functions in a bucket. The pain was so great that mum was taken back to the hospital where it was discovered that she had in fact broken her hip. At this point we put a complaint to the hospital trust as to why this had happened. Mum was transfered to another hospital to have the hip replaced she was given the option to go under general or have an epidurel but was strongly advised to have the latter because of other health issues. Mum had the op and all was ok so she was transfered back to the original hospital. While here mum had a chest infection which was treated . In the mean time they were giving mum physio and trying to get her mobile. Mum struggled with this and was in constant pain so they gave her another xray which was 13 day after the op and they discovered that the op had failed (mums bones were too weak ) and the hip was still broken. The next thing we know mum phones us on her mobile that she was being taken back to where the op was done they then done another op as soon as she got there (under general where as the 1st one they said would be risky) no member of family was informed by the hospital of any 2nd op. Mum came around from the op but the following day was put on total life support with multipal organ failiure and septicimia. Life support was shut down 7 days later and mum passed. Where do we go from here? we have not had an answer from the 1st trust as to why mum was sent home with a broken hip but we now have issues with both hospitals who are in different parts of london. Is there a body that will investigate both hospitals under one complaint? We don`t want compensation we just want truthful answers. Mum spent the last 5 weeks of her life in agony we deserve that and so does she.
  8. shame on you creditcardmug for hoping he gets blown to bits. I like many others are againts this unjust so called war but would never wish any harm to prince Harry or any soldier who is out there. And I am not a lover of the Royal Family either.
  9. Hi Nez sorry to hear about your troubles. Yes book an appointment with the CAB but my guess is they will suggest Bankruptcy. I know this sounds like a big step but to be honest if you have no property you own and no flash car to drive theres nothing they can take away from you. My problems started 11 years ago and I am still paying so thats the road im going down now. People who i know who have taken that step have been discharged within the year and now live with peace of mind (knowing they are debt free and can start afreash apart from their credit score being trashed for 6 years after). This is only my opinion and there are other options which you can take so im sure some nice ppl will be along to guide you. I wish you luck.
  10. does anyone know if it is true that a company dosent have to send a notice of assingment if the purchasing company is part of ther same group?
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