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  1. Hello again... Here is how this has evolved. Today I called Black Horse and they have confirmed there is still outstanding finance on the car. When I asked them to tell me what is the outstanding balance or whose name the agreement was on, they said they could not give this information out, as it would breach data protection act, which I understand. They confirmed though it is a Unit Stocking agreement from a car dealer. They advised me to contact my dealer and ask them to send me the confirmation letter that the finance has been cleared.
  2. is it not like standard practice for dealers to purchase cars on Unit Stocking finance? What exactly is this finance and how does it work? Because it surely is not the same as given to general consumers.
  3. Hello, Yesterday I purchased a used car from a dealer and paid in full with my debit card. When I went to the petrol station to refuel the car, I noticed the driver door was not aligning properly when shut, and the top part was slightly sticking out (I still wander how I did not notice this when first inspecting the vehicle). when I called the dealer he said he had not noticed either but was willing to repair the door. we arranged for me to take take the car back next weekend for him to carry out the repair. This incident though, made me suspicious,
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