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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I have read a lot about Lowell and their treatment of people profiled on here and other sites, they are appauling. My solicitor friend has taken a copy of our documents and agreed to send these to the OFT, I am told that the OFT have set guidelines on how creditors (or their agents) are supposed to communicate with debtors and Lowell are in clear breach of these rules. He has also agreed to litigate through another firm if we wish to go that route, I think he is a little shocked at how the debt collection industry operate.
  2. Dear Halibutt & firstship Many thanks for your kind help which is much appreciated. The cards were taken out around 2001/2, I will look back at our records for the specific date. We have some charges to reclaim and have gone through the FOS route which is slow. I have read around this site a few times since I know someone who went through court action a few years back, the case was dropped since there was a problem with one of the agreements, not sure what/why since they moved away. I will send off this letter and report back.
  3. My OH has defaulted on his two credit cards, one Capital One and the other Barclays. The Cap1 is now with a company called Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. We managed to get a repayment plan with NCO but Lowell wrote two letters to us today (both identical?) They state:- We have been instructed by our client Lowell Portfolio I Ltd to write to you in connection with your outstanding balance as described above. Our objective is to help both you and our client find a solution to this problem. We urgently request that you contact us today before our client instructs us to take further action to r
  4. My good friend is being sued in Aberdeen, Scotland in an Ordinary Cause action by a big (anon for now) bank for a credit card debt. The amount is >£10,000. The case is proceeding toward an options hearing and the Pursuer has sent the Defender an Inventory of Productions which contain all of the credit card statements, purported agreement (an application form), a set of terms and conditions and a copy of the default notice. My friend had originally stated (in her defence) that she neither admitted or denied that the default notice was ever received or in the correct form as defined
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