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  1. I'm about to come into some money(4k) and I have 2 debts which I would like to do something about as they are both CCJ's. Outstanding amounts of 2.8k and 9k(8% apr), originally 5.2k & 24k. I have been paying toward them every month for a while. They are both going to drop off my CR this year. My heart says pay off the 2.8k one to get rid of it, one les CCJ to worry about too, then I'm only making one payment a month and put the rest towards the bigger one. My head says put the 4k towards the 9k one and pay less interest and pay it off sooner. Thoughts? Espicially from anyone who ha
  2. Cabot can take ages to get a SAR to you - 27 months for me!
  3. Defaulted on an Egg CC 6+ years ago, passed onto Cabot in 2008, did the usual with CCA/SAR. I got my SAR stuff through 27 months after requesting it from the DCA who Egg had sold my loan on to. I haven't paid or acknowledged the account for over 6 years, so its SB anyway. I noticed on my statements in the SAR (2009 ish) that there were some strange payments to it - 'DCA Payment - Thank You'. Is this a sneeky trick that DCA's use to keep accounts active? And now they are saying that I have 14 days to pay up or else...yeah right! SB letter on way. And the f
  4. Cheers Brigadair2JCS. Does that mean that the ccj WILL be removed from my record because the 6 year limit is coming up...this month for one of them
  5. So on my credit report in the Public records section its shows 2 CCJs, will they drop off after 6 years too? Also, when Barclaycard sold on my CCJ debt to a DCA, they marked it as satisfied. Does that mean that the ccj should be removed from my house?
  6. talk talk are terrible, i was on nildram they were brilliant, until they got bought out by talk talk. agetting a mac code took me 3 months!!! been with sky for nearly two years, not a single problem.
  7. Great thread for the people who want to know about credit histories. I have a number of debts, all of which I defaulted in late 2006 due to redundancy. 1) Natwest took me to court and I now pay them £200 a month and have been for 6 years, to clear a £24k debt with a CCJ - slowly chipping away - hopefully I'm going to try and pay this off this year in full. 1.1) £2k - dropped off my credit file last week 1.2) £2.1k 1.3) £20k 2) Barclaycard same as above, CCJ, paid off £100 of a £5k debt, then it passed onto to a DCA, so I stopped paying, owe about £2.8k 3) £13k with Halifax - i
  8. I've made an offer of approx £450 and they have turned it down. They want 90%!! No chance. I used a template that was in a post on oe of the forums where a chap was trying to do a similar thing. Also I am currently having serious health issues and they want info from my Doctor!!! SOD that!! Anyway, they have suspended collection for 30 days. I assume that this is normally a ping pong affair when it comes to Full and Final settlements with DCAs'. I can realisticaly go to £1050 and no more. Any advice for what I should offer next? Cheers
  9. I think that I am going to be sensible and make an offer to pay the amount off via a reduced one off payment. Looking at my credit file, they have created a new entry and carried over some of the details of the account but nothing indicating that it is a CCJ. How much do DCA's normally purchase debts for. Mine is approx 2.5k. What should a good opening offer from me be? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the info cerberusalert. The debt was made into a CCJ circa March 2007. Really intersting information about the satisfied question too. I will get in touch with the DCA - is there a template letter that I can use?
  11. And my credit file states that the amount is now Satisfied. I never missed a payment with BC.
  12. Interesting one. I have been paying a CCJ off against Barclaycard for a number of years and the debt is now 1/2 of what it was. The Judge accepted the amount that I could pay them etc.. This morning I received a letter to say that a DCA has purchased the debt and they want full payment!! What are my options? Shall I just write to them and tell them about the CCJ or tell them to prove that they own the debt? Cheers
  13. I used to work for PPC sometime ago. They will not do a thing - when I was there the bad debt charge went up every year! I remember the ADM telling me that there was one guy who owed a lot of money, but PPC were never going to get it back, cos he had nothing, just before court was threatened, he paid £1 and the business process reset itself for another court countdown....hopeless.
  14. This is the template that I am using, but it does not say anything about post judgement interest being added. I assume that ANY activities on my accounts will be provided: Dear Sir/Madam ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxxx (or multiple numbers if more than one account) Please supply me with all data that you hold on me. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, the following:- 1. The original signed, executed credit agreement and any terms and conditions that applied to the account at the time of default and at the time the account was opened. 2. Transcriptions of all te
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