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  1. Hi Donkey Yes! Nationwide Trust stopped executing loans. I'm sure that I have a Statutory notice (arrears) from NBS before the claim. It was mainly Fredricksons, with a little dash of Carter here. I'll double check the rules tomorrow, as I think he's trying to avoid costs by stating order 18 rule 1, and not Part 38. Sickboy
  2. Sorry! I can't believe that m2ae I'll repost the docs tomorrow. I just couldn't believe the cheek of Roxburghe & Nationwide Building Society (NBS) chasing me for something which was still in the local county court. Then today Mr Carter's letter (delayed in the post as per usual) had NBS as the claimant, but he was insisting and filed with the county court that it was the OC, and not assigned (as per the N1). Fredricksons had their grubby little paws on the documents which were disclosed. I asked the court staff to make a note on the file that I had queried how a party, not
  3. Quite a few doc's are also in this post; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?247713-BRYAN-CARTER-Northampton-CCBC&p=2933312&viewfull=1#post2933312 #7 is the Transfer from the OC to NBS #5 the N1 claim form Thanks!
  4. Here's one before the order from Carter; Uploaded with ImageShack.us I forgot to mention that the docs are in date order above
  5. Hi DonkeyB Yes it's a little confusing..... sorry! here you go; Thanks!
  6. Hi This has been quiet for a while! Last month I was contacted by a debt collector for the amount in the claim (received two letters). However as the agreement was assigned, these were in the name of the new creditor. Received a Notice of Discontinuance of Proceedings; TAKE NOTICE, that the Claimant herby wholly discontinues this action against the Defendant (N279 - Order 18.Rule 1). However this is served in the name, and not the claimant. As far as I was aware the case was stayed, can he discontinue without lifting the stay? Thanks
  7. Don't be surprised if you get a letter from ScotCall through the post. I almost rolled over with laughter when I received a "DOORSTEP COLLECTION NOTICE - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY" letter. Check the client reference as it matches Regal's reference
  8. It's been pretty quiet until a letter appeared recently, Regal have left a few messages but there's a distinct change tone from the telephone monkeys. Having Ignored Wescot, Nelson Guest, Credit Security Limited,AIC, Regal Credit and ScotCall perhaps the message is finally sinking in? A few quotes from the latest Regal letter regarding an old credit card with charges and interest rate changes. Client asks to arrange convenient repayment. Well they actually did this when I spoke to the OC about the in house DCA, the poor lass had trouble explaining why they had
  9. If the assignment isn't absolute then does that mean section 173
  10. Just make sure that you can match any reference in your CCA request to letters received from KPR. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1974/39/section/78 Of course a direct link to a statutory requirement such as a Default Notice, Termination Notice, Notice of Sums in Arrears or Notice of Default Sums would royally stuff them up Failure to comply with a lawful request and obtaining a judgment by default would surely be an abuse of the process. So long as you you filed with the court an acknowledgment of service with respect to the claim. You've mentioned charges to
  11. It ended up being an Interim Notice before a Final Notice. Seems like they've passed it back to their client Regal Credit Consultants who's client is the OC I'll have to start recording some of these messages as they're starting to get more aggressive. Now they don't even state who the message is for but go straight into "To stop Regal Credit Collectors calling to your property bla bla". Going to start recording them and fire some complaints off!
  12. Hello! You do know that Triton is RBS. Personally I would ignore Triton and only communicate in writing with RBS. Has RBS defaulted and terminated the account? It's probably a good idea to scan the default/termination notice and post here (minus personal details). If they're being pushy then chances are something isn't right, perhaps they don't even have a cca etc. How long have you had the account with them? Are they still adding interest to the account?, this is a good starting point Regards
  13. Something like ba ba black sheep may drive them to despair quicker!
  14. Try playing a little tune down the phone using all of the buttons!
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