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  1. That Court services leaflet may not have been copied in it's entirity. The one I recieved some time back wasn't, and I spoke to HMRC regarding this, they were very interested, and informed me it was breach of their copyright rules for any leaflet to be reproduced in a misleading manner. Hfo conveniently left out several paragraphs, and rephrased sentence in a threatening manner. Unfortunately, due to a serious decline in my health, I wasn't able to chase it up at the time. Sorry, no help to you, but worth knowing they can be reported to HMRC if the leaflet was not printed as it appears on t
  2. Totally agree with Donkey, these tactics are being used to frigten & imtimidate you. HFO show total disregard for for rules and regulations. Don't worry Chysun, you are in good hands here.
  3. Shouldn't be difficult to confirm, the image will match up exactly as the one on google streetview, will just take a bit of matching in case they have zoomed in or out etc!
  4. Photographic Imagery The photographic imagery made available for display through Google Maps is provided under a nonexclusive, non-transferable license for use only by you. You may not use the imagery in any commercial or business environment or for any commercial or business purposes for yourself or any third parties. You may not copy, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, translate, modify or make derivative works of the imagery, in whole or in part. You also may not rent, disclose, publish, sell, assign, lease, sublicense, market, or transfer the imagery or any part thereof or
  5. Well done VJ, you have shown great determination and strength, and please don't think all your hard work has gone unrewarded, your hard work is helping, and will continue to help many people who turn to CAG for help and support, you have turfed up a lot of issues, that may well have stayed buried. I have the utmost respect for you all, and one day soon, HFO will fall very heavily, and it will be due to the fantastic brains on here.
  6. Nothing suprises me with this lot anymore. A few years ago, whilst on the phone, frpm one of they very many calls, and before I found CAG, the person from HFO began describing ,my house to me, however, when I asked the complete opposite of my description, and described a house further up the road, to which he said yes thats the one, I realised he had had a look at google earth, them laughed out loud, as I knew google earth had the wrong pic, the house he was describing wasn't mine..... What saddos they are. So don't worry, you will get lots of support & help here, as I did. Remember d
  7. Hi All, Would just like some advice on behalf of a friend. They recently used their bank debit card for a purchase. Prior to going to the shop, which is a minute away, they checked their bank account online, to ensure funds were available. Funds were available, so they made their purchase, within only minute of checking the account. Today recieved a letter from the bank saying that funds were not available, but as it was a guaranteed payment, they would pay the amount, but levy a charge. So checked the statement online, and the card payment is listed as going out, however so
  8. Hi Angrygirly, Don't worry, you will be in good hands here, and receive good advice. HFO are a disgusting company, who seem to believe they are above any laws, rules or regulations. No they cannot contact other people and discuss your debt, blatant breach of data protection, I think you will also find, they are only allowed to call a certain number of times. But anyway, as Donkey suggested, try to put as many details as you can, then you can be directed in the right direction, and get these calls stopped.
  9. Nearly choked on reading that! Oh, things must be very boring in a certain office block in Wimbledon......... utter rubbish, and in any case, it's very unlikely anyone would be better of to the tune of 50.00 per week, just check the benefits rates!!!! Why am I bothering to even answer this????
  10. Well Done BA, thats fantastic news:D. That has made my day. Not forgotton how you're words gave me encouragement when I first found cag. Thank you & Well Done!
  11. I think HFO capital are registered in the cayman islands. Another member did quite a bit of research into this particular problem, I'll try and find the thread.
  12. No wonder dca's behave in such an appalling way, in some respects, they are given permission to do so! Surely this info cannot be allowed on the report when it is clearly in dispute? This could have a huge impact when applying for mortgage or credit, surely this can't be allowed? Sorry I can't offer help, hopefully someone more knowing will be able to advise soon!
  13. Great news Pank, glad this is finally over for you.
  14. I wonder why? Maybe they finally looked up the meaning of statute barred?!!!
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