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  1. Thank you aa Any help will be appreciated - I've had a look through the stickies but cant find a template for complaining to the FSO/FOS! How do i proceed down this route? Do i need to send them a letter and enclose the sar stuff, the t & c's, medical records???
  2. Hi Just received a letter from EGG saying they have now cancelled my ppi (after ive been paying it for 5 yrs, even tho ive been off sick for yrs and have a pre existing illness). They also said that theyve now looked at my claim for missold ppi 2ce and they believe it wasnt missold, so pls bogoff. They gave me a booklet on the FSO and said that they are processing my SAR. What to do now?
  3. Hiya Thank you for your post. I did send a request to cancel the ppi as wel as a SAR but have so far received just the standard letter back. This is in addition to the initial bogoff letter they sent stating the t&c's were clearly posted 2 me. Thanks for the advice about adding the outstanding ppi to the rest of the loan. I didnt know i could ask for that (i thought that they just recalculate the outstanding loan on new terms). TS
  4. Hi Tiger 33 I just read your previous posts and noticed your egg card was an online sale, as mine was. Was your egg loan done online as well? Can i ask, did you send EGG the sample letter on that page http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/163718-egg-credit-card-ppi.html ? This sample letter is basically what i sent them. TS
  5. Hi Tiger Excellent! It's truly amazing as i believed EGG had adopted a blanket 'we will fight u in court' policy, just based on reading historocal posts on this site. However, as you said, it may be because you were already in arrears. I did think of stopping my monthly payments (& consequently going into arrears) to them but I haven't so far and im still paying for the ridiculous ppi which i am precluded from claiming due to pre existing illness. Please keep us informed about the egg card situation still outstanding with the FSO if you can. Thanks.
  6. Hi AA You have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much. I am still awaiting a response to my SAR after my initial letter stating i was missold received a standard bogoff reply. So i will defo look out for this duty of care info/doco in the stuff they send me and use that as my line of argument. Thank u again AA.
  7. Hiya Thank you for replying. I have read just about everything on the sticky threads (took me a week!) but cant find anything particularly relating to EGG. There are however some people who have asked about EGG loans (I came across about 5 or so) but there is no further info on how their claims panned out so its a very sketchy picture. The main problem re Egg loans ppi, is that they give out very detailed T and C's and this is their defence. So the onus is on the borrower, they contend, to read these in detail prior to signing the agreement. If the borrower failed to inform them
  8. I've spent the last week reading up on the various threads on this site, as advised. However, it seems that, of all the lenders, EGG success stories are rare when it comes to loans, especially if applied for online. Basically its bogoff because you were sent the T&C's (despite the fact that the borrower had a pre existing disorder, or was retired/self employed etc) and they are quite happy to refer you to the FOS. I wonder whether someone could help us Egg claimants as I've also come across a few people asking for help re EGG but there tend to be few replies, possibly because there ar
  9. Hi This is not so much 'helping'.....more 'identification' i.e. I identify with you bcos my credit agreement is also with the awful EGG, and it was also done ONLINE and I also received the letter u received saying BUG OFF U , BCOS U APPLIED ONLINE. I was advised on the forum to persevere, which I am doing and my next step is to ask them to CANCEL THE PPI (for which I am still paying) as well as state a few things again ie the legal position, reason why I was clearly missold etc...But there's lots of stuff already on the forum and I'm still going thru all the stuff b4 i send them lett
  10. Thank you dx100uk for replying and Lilylou for bumping me up! As advised, I will pursue the mis-sold and do what you've suggested. One question before i do this, because I'm still pay monthly by direct debit for the PPI and the loan and my last payment is end of 2009, do I cancel the direct debit and risk a CCJ or continue paying them for a policy that Im arguing was missold and is in any case useless to me?. Thanks
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me why noone replied to my post? Did i do something wrong or say something i shouldnt? My message Online PPI was posted last week but no one has replied:sad:
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me why noone replied to my post? Did i do something wrong or say something i shouldnt?
  13. Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me. My question is basically: Has ANYONE on this site successfully claimed back PPI on a product that they applied for online? The facts of my case are: I took out an EGG loan in 2004 with ppi of close to 2k. The loan and ppi were calculated together to be repaid over 65 months term with 6.9 a.p.r. and 6.7 annual interest rate applied to the total amount, to be repaid monthly, although i admit that i didnt know what this meant!. My last date of payment is at the end of 2009. However, the only reason I took out PPI online was because
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