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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone can help/advice me i have secured loan that is now with idem of which i was in a payment arrangement of £150 a month as my partner lost his job they accepted this then went ahead served with court repossession papers i had only just spoken to them they forgot to mention that court action had already started, i have told them that i can go back onto full repayment soon as my partner gets work i have been in payment arrangements with them for approx 2 years the shortfall in payment to them now is my partners car insurance payments as there is just no jobs locally im at my wits end with them any advice would be appreciated
  2. I know it really will my implants had ruptured so think that helped they going to pay us the money as well as we already paid for it they were going to take it off the debt but luckily they gonna send a cheque I'm with attwoods solicitors I'm gonna send them the fos decision as the said I might be able to get some compensation as the are liable for that as well all other exspences,plus I need revision surgery get lymph nodes removed as still get alot joint pain they r really big just want the out,I rang Hugh James but they wouldn't take my case on as the company I went with went into administration there is less than 25 per cent chance of winning good luck thanks alot xx
  3. Hiya thanks yeah it was me the fos went in my favour granted my claim to them under section 75.I will put below some paragraphs of what her findings were. My partner had explained to them in his submissions that he used his credit to pay for the supply of goods services that is the provision of breast implants for his partner,myself my partner have confined that the repayment for his credit card is been managed by a third party and they both make payments to reduce the balance.they explain they are a family and contribute to all purchases made equally therefore I am satisfied that my partner and myself operate as one socio-economic unit. Further more whilst the documentation from the procedure is in my name given the circumstances all contracts and paperwork needed to be my name it was not possible to have my partners name on any of the paper work or contract.therefore whilst I understand why hsbc feels there is no debtor creditor supplier chain given the circumstances I am satisfied that this chain exists with this is mind I am of the opinion that my partner is able to bring a claim under section c75. Then just go on about the misrepresentation breech of contract stuff.they are refunding my replacement cost I never asked for any compensation or exspences but I think I can now approach them for this now the claim for section 75 has been allowed does anyone know if I can now do this,think I might contact a solicitor I believe I am the first person to recieve a refund in this way were as a relative or partner has paid for these implants I'm over the moon thanks guys xx
  4. They insurance wont pay out either like you said it's fresh claim,it's honestly an absolute joke...my case is now with an adjudicator at the fos so just have wait see what they say that's probs my only chance now get my money back thanks x
  5. Hugh James are not taking on people who had surgery were clinic has gone into administration xx
  6. Hi it was hsbc they said I'm a third party even though were a family and we both are paying the debt of through ccs,I've taken it to the fos now,but was wondering if I had any chance at court I have had them replaced now due to ruptured had to have them out with my gp advice,they account still open,outstanding balance is about 2100,I paid 1200 on credit card in 2007,I have now been told legally that the clinic insurance won't pay out either due to them been taken over by another clinic they are not taking any past patient liability I have rang around a few so my only way now is to fight this out with hsbc thank you for advice xx
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