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  1. did most people get the letter stating ' this is full and final offer, they will pay the difference between the £12 and the £20'?
  2. Got reply from letter saying this is still there full and final offer, have sent LBA as it was due. See what occurs.
  3. finally got back round to my claim. got the usual response to my pre lim low offer. Returned letter today to say will accept as partial payment only and will be continuing with claim. So lets see what that brings.
  4. I sent the letter from the templates stating i would accept as partial payment and if i did not hear from them in the next 7 days i would be returning the cheque and continuing with the next step (which would be be LBA).
  5. Thanks for the advice its a great help. Will send letter in the morning. Bit rusty its been a while since been on here and its just get it all straight in your head again. so cheers
  6. I resent prelim letter on the 6th of March, got a letter back yesterday. I was claimin £658. they have sent me a cheque £262 with a letter stating that they have paid the difference from £12 and this is a full and final settlement. I know things maybe changing in April should i still send my LBA on the 20th or am i wasting my time? Sorry i have tried reading through the thread to see if this is what people are tending to experience at moment but cant find anything.
  7. cheers got lost at the wayside for a while there but back on track and focused.
  8. Lost my way got lazy never completed. Now going to resend pre lim letter and start again. Need to complete last three claims. Had three completed three to go!
  9. I am starting again with prelim letter tomorrow, last my way for a while there but need to finish these last few claims.
  10. Hi I sent of pre lim letter back in October then did not follow through as never seemed to have time then before i knew it, its January!! Do you think it will be fine for me to start again with a prelim letter and list of charges?
  11. Hi its been a while, just recieved my statements today. Will be sending my prelim letter tomorrow asking for the return of £413. Here we go!
  12. Recieved my statements, had quick flick through and late payment/over limit fee probably going to claime £300 plus. Will sort it tomorrow and get the ball rolling.
  13. I have not recieved any statements and my 40th day is the 25th September. I returned home today to find a cheque for £540 and a with compliments slip. Nothing else. So dont know what the total amount is.
  14. Cheers jellybabe I know this is what they are attempting to do, it was just with them saying that they only charged me £280 but i am posting letter tomorrow for partial payment and continuing with the claim.
  15. Did anyone else get an offer of half? I have checked my charges and i still get £340, But i cant tell whats what as its only computer copy statements. They say i will agree not to claim default charges???? I dont know weather to write back asking them to send me what information they have to only get my charges to £280 or just say i will accept offer as partial payment and will be continuing. Any advice please!!!!!!!!!
  16. I have recieved a response today. Offering me £175 when i am claiming £340.77. They say they only make it £280!! So going to recheck my copy statements and see what they are playing at. I have a default on this account and i was trying to get it removed but they say they wont and if i accept this offer it is made without any admission of liability and in full settlement of all claims i may have against them them in relation to the default fees on my account. Really dont understand all the default inforamtion. Can anyone shed a light please????
  17. Think argos are using delaly tactics, My account is in my maiden name. They have all details needed but want copy of my marriage certificate! The clock is ticking!!
  18. I have had the same letter i think i will send something to stephen bailey and ask him to comply with my SAR.
  19. I sent of my SAR. Got response today asking if i would ring the customer advocate office to discuss the matter. they will ensure i recieve full response by Sept. 25th. Did others get this? Did they just ignore it and wait for the statements?
  20. Well done thats great news. Its such a great feeling when you open the letter!! Mine appeared in my account the next morning! Congrats again
  21. Sent off pre-lim letter today. Aiming to reclaim £340 so here we go!!
  22. thanks, there are only two at £35 so must done some wrong them two months!!!
  23. Got my statements today but they are very cheap and tacky. Not much explanation. some say fin chgs (this looks like interest), other DB this tends to be £17.50 or £35 so i think its this DB that i should be claiming. could anyone who claimed let me know if this is what they had. Thanks
  24. Hi I am still waiting for my statements dont expect them in a hurry!! I sent it to the sticky address at the top in glasgow. I read on one of the threads that i should send all info to an English address as this will effect how much i can claim if its a scottish address?? Is this right or have i been having wild and imaginative dreams???????
  25. Hope you dont mind i may copy your letter as well!!! Thanks
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