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  1. Today i have received a letter from Allied international credit stating that they are now acting for Arrow. Presumably the advice is to do the same and ignore?
  2. States that as from x date we are managing recovery on behalf of Arrow and to contact them to arrange payments and no fees or charges will be added
  3. Documentation that was sent to me I think, even with that nothing became of it but I'm just guessing. Think the only way I will find out would be to cca to Capquest but that might just create the response they want.
  4. I cant be 100% sure but I think so.
  5. I've been trolling through posts I think I eventually received some documentation which showed my signature 2 days before theirs, no cancellation rights and also other discrepancies. When these were pointed out with help from CAG members they gave up and I've heard nothing until now. I should have kept the documentation but I didn't and it goes back to 2002. Think I will ignore for now and if I receive court papers will get back on for advice.
  6. I cant really decipher it but I think originally it was Moorcroft for Egg and then Arc for EGG. I challenged it requested cca etc and then eventually they stopped chasing until now when Capquest get in on the act.
  7. A few years ago I got hounded for a debt from Arrow who had purchased from someone else and they in turn from someone else. I challenged it and eventually they seemed to go away. I have now received a letter and an e mail from Capquest collecting on behalf of Arrow!! Do I respond or do nothing?
  8. Just realised that a debt I have been paying for some time was arranged via Restons solicitors and they were informed of my new address when I moved as they had to authorise the removal of a charging order when we divorced. As Restons is also the solicitor dealing with this issue, is it not reasonable to advise that they knew the address or is it the DCA the ones that should have been informed?
  9. I will send to MBNA. Do I send same to Stepchange (previously Consumer Credit Counselling Service) or do I just ask for any info they hold about me? also as it was in joint names are they obliged to release this? My current circumstances have enabled me to resolve the rental issue and I don't have any current credit or plans to get any I'm not worried about the timescale. If push came to shove I could afford to settle, my concern is that I don't believe the amount is justified and also I'm pretty confident there is no credit agreement. I'm loathe to just pay a lump sum to someone because they have obtained a judgement though a method that is through the back door when they could have contacted me in the first place and with no evidence. Would it be wise to just leave it and see if they try and collect in the future and then settle, or would it be better to do some form of challenge with a view to getting an agreed settlement? I was thinking around 30% once I know the debt is mine.
  10. I havent given a new address and the MBNA card would have been in my name only. An earlier post suggested i dont do anything as no attempt has been made to collect. If that is the case and at some time in the future could i negotiate a settlement or should i do it now?
  11. Thanks for the info, im still inclined to seek legal advice but for now i need to take a step back. One final thing, i personally never paid the debt management company it was always via my ex's account. Would this qualify as part of the 6 year period? If so the time has passed.
  12. So why do they not enforce the judgement? Its 18 months since they obtained it and i have had no contact. Presumably they could instruct bailiffs?
  13. accepting its my fault for not providing an address, what about the right to have clarification of the original debt etc. If I send of for subject access and don't get the information would that be considered a defence? I'm not trying to dent all knowledge here but after 14 years I genuinely don't know what this debt is for and I have no paperwork at all.
  14. I did some research earlier and was informed that a set aside could be done on the basis that no attempt was made to verify my address and also that the application for this begins when you become aware not when the ccj was incurred. Problem is, it conflicts with some of the other info and leaves me confused. Due to it being 2003, don't I have a right to see documentation relating to the original debt as I don't even know what it is? Is that not the point when I can dispute the details or at least the amount? for all I know the debt could have had £1000's of pounds added each year. There is certainly more than a thousand added to the sum quoted in court. If I have a debt then I can take steps to resolve it, but this is like someone knocking on the door and asking for £5000 I lent you 14 years ago. Why cant I challenge the validity without feeling there is no hope of success.
  15. As a matter of interest, below is the full transcript provided by Northampton court business centre. The date states on or about! do they not have to provide a signed document as proof? THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS PAYMENT OF THE OVERDUE BALANCE DUE FROM THE DEFENDANT(S) UNDER A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE DEFENDANT(S) AND MBNA DATED ON OR ABOUT MAR 18 2003 AND ASSIGNED TO THE CLAIMANT ON NOV 21 2005 PARTICULARS A/CNO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE07/01/2016 DEFAULT BALANCE POST REFRL CR NIL TOTAL xxxxx
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