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  1. Thanks, the fees changed on 3rd August to £14. I paid over the phone and they confirmed it was the new fee for N245.
  2. Thanks, my communication only started with them recently when i discovered the CCJ which was the main purpose of the thread and subject to N245 which i have submitted. No details at all about Abbey just a reference number and as you say Abbey became Santander in 2010 long after i had closed my account with them. I will wait for the next letter................... I'm sure it will be along soon but I'm tempted to ignore all communication around this unless something specific arrives.
  3. I have submitted the form to the Northampton County Court. Just to confirm the fee for this is now £14 if any others are doing the same. In the meantime i have received another letter from Cabot this time referring to an Abbey National overdraft of £1200 from 2007. I know for a fact that any account i had with Abbey was closed that year as it is the time i entered a joint dmp with my ex. I also know 100% that no payments have been made since July 2013. Any payments that were made prior to this did not come from my account. Am i right in thinking overdraft debt is treated differently to credit card debt? also do i wait until they submit some form of detail about the debt or do i make a request? there is nothing in the letter, just the usual we want to work with you.
  4. It came from Northampton bulk, is that where i return? Also on the document it asks for the warrant number and local number, the only numbers i can see in the documentation is a case number and the account reference number do i use these? i believe the fee is being reduced to £14 from 3rd August.
  5. The info from the court is in post 24 and all i ever received . It doesn't state how to pay so I’m assuming they can ask the full amount. Are you saying I should try and resolve? There is also a link to Cabot website which I haven’t accessed but indicates that a payment plan can be agreed electronically or a reduced settlement amount. Is that not an option?
  6. What concerns me is that although the ccj was obtained in Feb 2016 it is only because they didn't have my address that further action probably wasn't taken until now. It's evident that I wouldn't have grounds for a set aside so presumably they have a further 2 years to attempt recovery? On the original ccj there was a court fee of £410 and £100 solicitors fee added to the total. The fact they have now sent me the info and hold me responsible (which in the eyes of the law i am) why would they not simply apply back to court for enforcement and then add more costs for doing this, or are you saying to wait it out until that time comes and then negotiate ?
  7. Thanks very much. So they cant just instruct bailiffs without informing me?
  8. Hi, just to be clear in post 58 you advised writing to them and giving my correct address which i did and they ignored it. I sent a second letter and that was also ignored until now. I haven’t had any other communication and any payment made was in 2013 from my ex’s account via Stepchange. I haven't offered or made any payments to anyone since then. Just to be clear are you saying that unless I'm contacted about enforcing a judgement I ignore any further communication? They do state that normal collection processes will commence if they don't hear from me in 21 days. Also i do appreciate your advice and I will be making a donation because the work you do is brilliant. Apologies that my explanations aren’t always clear but it is a bit daunting. I thought i was back on my feet after a disastrous divorce in 2013 but i got the ccj so have to face up to the fact it may be enforced. Thanks again.
  9. Sorry, this thread is a bit confusing effectively i found out a couple of years ago that i had a ccj which was obtained by Restons solicitors on behalf of Cabot in Feb 2016. A few months ago Cabot contacted me to confirm my address after a couple of letters back and forth as per advice they have now sent a letter explaining i owe this money and I should contact them. Additionally they added the details about the Barclaycard but no evidence.
  10. One is the mbna credit card which Restons obtained the ccj on in 2016. Presumably i have to do something about this to avoid possible bailiffs? The other is stated as Barclaycard which they advise they have no documentation but believe i owe It as paid via stepchange in July 2013. Is this not statute barred?
  11. Right, that didn’t take long. I have now received a letter from them with a stack of paperwork claiming for 2 accounts. The main one explains the account which is on ccj last paid via stepchange in July 2013 and then subsequently The ccj obtained via Restons in 2016 due to my lack of defence. The original credit agreement dated 2003 is included. The other account they state has no documentation but they believe i owe it due to payments via stepchange. The inference is they want to work with me on a suitable payment. The remainder of the documentation shows payments via stepchange stopped in 2013 and various cc statements none with any signatures or showing who made the payment. I’m 100% sure that no payment to stepchange came from my accounts they were all from my ex. I’m guessing the account with ccj I need to find a suitable payment solution and the other account i send a prove it letter?
  12. Still had no written response but have now received a couple of texts stating that a personal letter is waiting for me and i may find it useful to log on via the link. I’m curious but also reluctant as I feel that any communication could be done by letter in response to mine. Any suggestions?
  13. I have.now sent two letters to Cabot and both have been ignored. I have now received another letter which looks pretty standard stating we have now confirmed your address, you have taken the first step and suggesting i set up-an account and start paying.
  14. Ok, will do. Don’t think its related to Abbey. When I confirm the address should i ask for details about the debt or do nothing?
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