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  1. Thanks for the help, I was getting all the info but they phoned me today to apologise and cancelled it. I think I'll buy a lotto ticket tonight! Armeen
  2. Hi, I joined Nuffield in Feb on a 3 month contact. I tried phoning mid may to speak to someone about canceling but no one phoned back after 3 attempts, mid June I spoke to someone who said I should email and gave me an address. I emailed but no one replied so I cancelled the direct debit. They are now saying I owe them 1 full months money and they are going to pass it onto a debt collection agency. Firstly, can any of this end up on my credit report? I've worked hard to clear it up over the last few years and would hate for this to be recorded against me anywhere. Sec
  3. also I forgot to mention, the bank account was closed and a loan account started up (ccj was issued against the loan) - does this make any difference to anything?
  4. Hi, I have been told recently that I have a ccj issued by barclays in 2006. I have asked for the cca through the company dealing with it (before christmas) and they have sent statements but are still waiting for the cca. I didn't know about the ccj because I had moved from the address without telling them so I have never acknoledged it or paid anything of it. It was for a bank account and it was for a 5k overdraft. I lost my job and was unemployed for around 8 months, because I left of my own choice (i was sort of forced to go) I couldn't claim benefits for 4 months so concentra
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