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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Halifax didn't send me the 8% interest for my claim either. Sent them a letter asking if I was less important to them than the English customers who got 8% interest. Didn't take long for them to add the interest into my account. Worth a try, I'm sure they'll pay up. Good luck with 2nd claim!
  3. BoS completely ignored my claim. Just make you contact court on any date they've specified and someone will help you. From my experience the courts are very helpfull- willingy to give idiots guide!
  4. Hi Fruitycar, Might be worth sending letter to BoS about interest for first claim. I've just received the interest on my claim after asking whether as a Scottish customer I was less imporrtant to them. They even added some extra money on as sort of apology. Worth a go
  5. Good to know you got 8% interest as Halifax are trying to get out of paying me this. Get the feeling HBOS will try the same with my BoS claim. At least I have ammunition now I know they do pay out sometimes! Good luck with your other claims
  6. Well Bank of Scotland decided not to respond to me so maybe Halifax trying this tactic too! Im in Scotland so never got to be "one of the lucky few who gets to hit that JUDGEMENT button" although i am intrigued. Sounds much more exciting than simply writing to the court. Good Luck
  7. Yeah, wasn't sure about going to court for interest. Got the feeling I'd be told to go away! Will let you know if HBOS get back to me though.
  8. Fruitycar, Take it HBOS didn't pay the interest for your first claim? I have the same problem, got charges back but no interest. Sent them a letter the other day asking if I was less important customer than those in England as they seem to pay interest to English claims but not Scottish. Should be interesting to see what they say, hopefully a nice deposit in my account soon! Good Luck
  9. When I claimed against Halifax I heard nothing until just before return date! They seem to be taking their time. They sent me a letter with usual cheaper to refund me than go to court and put the money straight into my account. They did put full amount in straight away as well as court fee
  10. As far as I can make out it's best to do them at different times. If bank contacted court they could ask for both to be dealt with at same time. Seems unlikely that bank will go to court but if they do and it's not small claims you could be liable to pay them expenses etc... I've filed my halifax 1st and will wait for money before filing halifax visa or bank of scotland claims just in case. Better to be safe than sorry!
  11. Yeah, charges will still be unlawful (unless they take what OFT said to heart and start charging fairly- ha ha...) They keep trying to get customers to sign forms saying they will not complain again about charges etc... You'd think that a business with a (presumably) big legal team would know you cannot sign away your rights even if you want to. If they continue to charge unlawfully loads of people will continue too ask for money back
  12. Congratulations! Can't believe they got back to you so soon- filed my claim at court on Mon and still heard nothing. Given me hope that they'll deposit money next week (fingers crossed!) Congratulations again
  13. Think BoS are getting scared and ignoring e-mails now. I had to send a letter too as they said they had no record of e-mail. I of course do so never changed date when I sent the letter- off to court on Mon to file another claim!
  14. Good on you going for full amount. I know how you're feeling though, banks are useless at this. I'm sure they don't even read half the letters as some of the responses I've had have been nonsense. Would be so much easier just to give us the money!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Was thinking about that myself, seems unlikely the banks would ever win even if they did go to court. Sods law though, just know I would be first they tried the whole court thing with. Might try fruitycar's idea though. Take them to court for 1st lot then call them and see if they want to just give me the 2nd.
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