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  1. In my dismissal letter it says i admitted having a conversation with another staff member. I recorded the meeting and i clearly did not admit to any such thing. It is a blatent lie Can i use this in my appeal ? Any other appeal advice would be welcome too. Thanks
  2. I took a work colleague with me as a witness and i recorded the whole thing on my phone. I was dismissed for gross misconduct using staff discount and the trade in facility for personal gain. it did seem like the outcome was decided from the start but i can't prove it. 5 years working there and never having a disciplinary before didn't seem to mean anything. i am going to appeal but am still waiting for the letter which has been a week now.
  3. i was dismissed 7 days ago tomorrow and i have still not recieved anything in writing, is there a time limit when i should get it in writing ?
  4. Yeah, I got sacked on tuesday. Spoken to a few HR people and they seem to think it was a bit harsh. I am going to appeal and after that i will decide if i want to take it further. Cheers for all the advice from everyone.
  5. I just phoned them and they said they can keep me waiting as long as they want on full pay. Seems a bit strange though and i was thinking if they were going to sack me surely they would have done it as fast as they can so they don't have to pay me.
  6. I am now into my 4th week of being suspended and i have not heard anything at all. Is this normal ?
  7. Yes someone else has done the same thing and he has also been suspended, Also the staff who put the transactions through obviously did not know that this was not allowed or they would have refused to do it. My main points are I didn't know it was not allowed, I did it in full view without lying or hiding anything , the manager knew about it and never said it would be gross misconduct, someone else has done it and the staff who did the transactions on the tills did not know it was not allowed.
  8. The manager has said on record he knew about it as we had talked about it, he claimed he thought i was just curious and didn't think i would do it. Sorry for going on and asking what might seem like stupid questions but i am trying to get it straight in my head. All the comments are appreciated. Ok accepting what i did was gross misconduct, is it fair or legal that if i had done the same thing the day after it would be acceptable when no written or verbal rules were given for the amount of time there has to be between buying and trading a game in ? Can an action be gross misconduct o
  9. Can i take anyone into the meeting or does it have to be someone from work ? Also the allegation is completing purchases and refunds in order to make financial gain by the use of staff discount. Is trading a game in and getting a giftcard a refund ? The companies own returns policy states refunds will only be given for faulty goods, otherwise you can exchange items for a giftcard. To me this can't be a refund, but maybe i am wrong. Also there are no written rules regarding trading in and what i did as being against company policy only the financial gain part.
  10. I have just got a letter saying i am suspended for an allegation of gross misconduct for completing purchases and refunds in order to make financial gain by the use of staff discount. i know it is being pedantic but I didn't get a refund , i followed the company procedure and i got store credit which i then spend straight away. I took no actual money only a giftcatcard. I did not leave the shop with any financial gain. I am provided with a staff card which would mean that the card gives me financial gain , wouldn't it ? all i got was a discount of the difference in price of what
  11. I am sure i was told gross misconduct when i was suspended.
  12. Yeah i was told i can have a witness, then i was asked questions and i answered and signed the sheet after each question. Then i was told i am suspended on full pay pending a disciplinary. It does seem to me like it has not happened before so they need to put a stop to it now by disciplining us and change the policy. but my only worry is getting sacked. I guess i can't do much but wait. Thanks for you time bubblecat it is appreciated
  13. it wasn't a trap as such, but i was honest and played ignorant and told them i didn't find the loophole i was told about it. The other person who was suspended found it and told me. I even offered to pay back the difference but i was told that will be a matter for the disciplinary. Like i said i followed 2 company procedures which has made me break a third procedure, but the argument was there was intent.
  14. I had a meeting today and then an hour later i was called back and told i am suspended with pay, i didn't get a letter. I was told i will be phoned soon to come back for a disciplinary. So i just have to wait now and se what happens. I cant see them sacking 2 of us but stranger things have happened
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